Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Hot Market

Yep, here comes the full scale invasion:

Queens home prices on the rise: report

Shock and awe in the outer boroughs.


Anonymous said...

Another article (using the same data) claims prices are down: Prices, Sales Down In Queens, Report Says

Anonymous said...

The prices may be high but the houses aren't moving!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, a lot of listings but almost no sales, a real estate proffessional just confided to me. He's thinking of closing his office.

Anonymous said...

The pressure on housing is destroying the communities of Queens.

We need a borough wide confernece to examine this issue and put together a platform to stop this.

You listening Queens Civic Congress - or are you just interested in downzoning a few select areas in eastern Queens while pushing development into the western part of the boro?

BTW, were where you guys when Dutch Kills, a member of QCC, embarked in that path for development?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding. Queens Civic Congress' leadership comes from Northeast Queens. Their president is rarely visable at meetings. Look how his own Douglaston neighborhood got f--ked. They're weakening.