Wednesday, February 7, 2007

When you have too much house

69-36 Caldwell Avenue in Maspeth: What do you do when you buy a house with no garage? First, make an illegal curb cut and park your car on the sidewalk, blocking pedestrian traffic. If you get caught doing that, take a chunk off your house so you can have that curb cut legalized and park in what was once part of your living room.

Once you do that, your neighbors in the attached house next door will decide it's time to put their house up for sale. After the new owner takes possession, he'll decide to gut it without permits.


Anonymous said...

When Cole Porter wrote "ANYTHING GOES", I never thought that it meant doing what you want without any building permits! Enough is enough already!

Anonymous said...

Okay, something doesn't seem totally kosher about that permit. It states that there will be a "removal of a portion of the front porch to allow parking on the side lot ribbon."

Huh? That car is parked on the front lot, not the side lot!

Anyone care to call this one in to 311 and file a complaint?

Address is 69-36 Caldwell Ave.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they could always convert their living room into a garage. That might solve it for them. Does that require a change of use certificate of occupancy?