Tuesday, February 6, 2007

By the numbers

Community Board: 1
1990 Population: 188,549
2000 Population: 211,200
% Increase: 12.00

Community Board: 2
1990 Population: 94,945
2000 Population: 109,920
% Increase: 15.90

Community Board: 3
1990 Population: 128,924
2000 Population: 169,083
% Increase: 31.10

Community Board: 4
1990 Population: 137,023
2000 Population: 167,005
% Increase: 21.90

Community Board: 5
1990 Population: 149,126
2000 Population: 165,911
% Increase: 11.30

Community Board: 6
1990 Population: 106,996
2000 Population: 115,967
% Increase: 8.40

Community Board: 7
1990 Population: 221,763
2000 Population: 242,952
% Increase: 10.20

Community Board: 8
1990 Population: 130,396
2000 Population: 146,594
% Increase: 11.00

Community Board: 9
1990 Population: 112,624
2000 Population: 141,608
% Increase: 26.30

Community Board: 10
1990 Population: 107,768
2000 Population: 127,274
% Increase: 18.10

Community Board: 11
1990 Population: 108,056
2000 Population: 116,404
% Increase: 7.70

Community Board: 12
1990 Population: 201,270
2000 Population: 223,602
% Increase: 11.10

Community Board: 13
1990 Population: 177,535
2000 Population: 196,284
% Increase: 10.60

Community Board: 14
1990 Population: 100,596
2000 Population: 106,686
% Increase: 6.10

Total Borough
1990 Population: 1,965,571
2000 Population: 2,240,490
% Increase: 13.99


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. let me take a stab at some related statistics.... Increase in electrical grid capacity - 0%? Increase in transit capacity - 0%? Increase in $ for infrastructure improvements and expansion - 0%? Increase in # of Hospital Beds - maybe a negative %? Increase in number of borough representatives and 'leaders' who are unqualified, lazy, or corrupt - 110%? If anyone out there has real statistics for these items, let's hear them.

george the atheist said...

Question. How are the thousands of people moving into the condos in LIC going to squeeze onto the #7, R, E & F for their convenient ride to Manhattan?...Answer. They ride on the roof like they do on the sub-Continent.

Anonymous said...

#1. The city is greedy for mining all that "real estate gold". #2. They keep on digging the mine tunnel further into the mountain, without properly shoring up the support timbers. #3. Suddenly one day, "poof" the mine collapses!


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least the people in LIC have the shorter ride on the #7. Imagine all of us who have to ride the roofs of the trains from Main St. way out at the end of the line. It's a very long trip for us! There, high up on the el, it gets very windy too, especially in the winter months.

Anonymous said...

If people in theose new waterfront condos of Astoria or LIC get sick, they're going to go to the good hospitals in Manhattan (New York Hospital, Lenox Hill) only the poorer immigrants will go to the ER at Astoria Hospital!

Anonymous said...

Looks like CBs #3, 9, 4 &10 have the biggest population increases. Could it also mean that they have the larger share of problems associated with this phenomena (overbuilding, innadequate infrastructure, maybe more crime, poor sanitation, diminished emergency service response etc.)? Of course silly, the correlation would be obvious! I already knew that!

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt about this. We have the basis for a lawsuit (you developers trolling this board should love this one) because development is unfairly forced on a few areas.

Overturn downzoning because only those places well connected get it. Either we all are downzoned, or no one gets down zoned.

Anonymous said...

Well, this makes an interesting point, certainly a letter to the editor in the press.

Good to question politicians during their town hall meetings.

How much did spending on services increase in Queens last decade? And who made the choice to starve Queens?

Anonymous said...

They tell us that development brings in tax revenues. So where is all the money by increased property values, income taxes, etc? Property values? No, one house with one family now has six families: its owner is making $ but its not giving anything back into the community. The building is getting run down and is worth less. Income tax? No, many of our newer residents send a considerable portion home, not spending it locally, and besides, it often gets paid in cash and below minimum wage.