Saturday, February 3, 2007


And now, a short prayer: Sweet Lord, deliver us from neighbors who crappify their perfectly good houses. This one is at 65-07 Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. The job was self-certified by an architect in Pennsylvania. QC enjoyed reading the plans for the basement.


Anonymous said...

Good gravy.

verdi said...

I guess that the "gavone" who lives here can park his "Goombah Construction Co." truck under the driveway overhang. Where are the white clamshells surrounding the Madonna statue niche in the front yard? A pink plastic Flamingo would also be a nice decorative touch. As my Italian grandfather used to say (phonetically spelled) "Sazeech iz own". There's no explaining an individual's bad taste in either clothes, women, automobiles or "architecture"!

Anonymous said...

Dip me in shit! It looks like he took a trailer home and hung it off the side of a house. I've seen that done out in the stix, and I'm sadly not too surprised that someone is uglifying Queens in the hillbilly spirit.