Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Stop work - that's an order!

Thanks to R.S.D. for sending in this link to the new SWO regulations:

Penalties Increased for Violating Stop Work Orders

Read the last line to see how lame this legislation really is.


Anonymous said...

"Note: these penalties do not apply to the first issuance of an SWO, just violations of SWO already in effect"

That's not really lame....I think the legislation was directed specifically at SWO violators. Fighting those who violate the building code is a whole 'nother animal. One step at a time, one section at a time.

Anonymous said...

Like to see who was behind drafting this!

Typical city, they may all look dull on the service, but that is just an act.

When they want to be crafty, and pull a bait and switch, they can be real a*holes.

Of course, they did not count on Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

So it goes from a slap on the wrist to boot in the butt. Somebody ought to loose a shoe up someone's ass on this one!