Tuesday, February 6, 2007

God Bless Brooklyn

Brownstoner spotlights a 12-story self-cert debacle in the boro of churches:

420 42nd Street and the Rule of Law

The Crapper likes to see communities throughout the city standing firm against rogue developers and architects.

Bravo, Brooklyn!

Photo from Brownstoner.com


Anonymous said...

Hell those guys (and gals) in Brooklyn are light years ahead of Queens on this stuff.

Around here, we stand around with mounting anger ... then only do something to 'address' the issue when the politicians gives us the green light to go through the motions. They walk us through a carefully prepared script.

When done, like getting a Queensmark, or a preservation award from borough hall, in the harsh light of the next day you have a gnawing feeling that nothing of importance was accomplished outside of a feel-good mollifying exercise.

Anonymous said...

What do those monthly meetings of "preservationists" at borough hall accomplish, beyond contributing to global warming? Do we have a borough historian?

Anonymous said...

I think we ought to present the most voracious builder in the borough with a "Queensmark"for leaving his stamp on Queens!

Anonymous said...

Please, the "Queensmark" is the poor man's substitute for a genuine LPC Landmark ! You don't see too many of these around but you do see a lot of "Queensmarks". Oh, how this borough is so willing to settle for less.

Anonymous said...

Has Hellen Marshal ever attended one of these borough hall preservationist meetings? Not to my knowledge when I used to attend them! Her office is only down the hall. Yet, she's been seen arm in arm with developers at Q. Boro Hall.