Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Just say Mo

Former Met-turned-developer Mo Vaughn wants to buy Starrett City and keep it affordable, but the current owner of the property won't hear of it:

Starrett broker plays hardball, ex-Met says

The NY Sun reports that Mitchell Lama housing throughout the city is also taking a beating: Increasingly, Mitchell-Lama Beneficiaries Are Opting Out


Anonymous said...

That seems to be a generously sincere move on Mo's part. Too bad he didn't think of using his bat on the Starret City mob. Can Queens borrow use of it againt some of our scurvy political/ real estate guys? I'm only kidding, folks......not inciting any violent behavior here. (But I do like the metaphoric image of using a club on political clubhouse types).

Anonymous said...

Along with losing Stuyvesant Town, we are losing thousands of units of 'affordable housing.'

We should expose this myth that saying we want to build more 'affordable housing' on the right, as we take away 'affordable housing' on the left, as a cynical ploy to win over the middle class to development.

So why doesn't some planning group like Pratt or Hunter etc take up the problem on how to keep the affordable housing we already have?

Anonymous said...

That is because the only want to do development projects for displacing poorer neighborhoods

(BTW, we don't see Pratt suggesting they level Brooklyn Heights as they did a study for Goodwill that ignores the even older fabric of Old Astoria,

or for Hunter to suggest for their local community in the East Side all those nasties they contemplate for Dutch Kills, Corona, and Sunnyside)