Monday, February 5, 2007

Brownstoner Buzz

A group called the DUMBO Neighborhood Association (DNA) sent out an e-mail this weekend, and apparently Brownstoner got a copy:

You Got To Fight For Your Right To Landmark

My, my, look at how vehemently anti-landmarking the Brownstoner crowd is. Not one poster seems to be in favor of it!

QC also chuckles everytime LPC Chairman Tierney's first name is published incorrectly (and for some reason, it happens a lot).

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Anonymous said...

They're vehemently anti-landmarking for sure! I'm sorry as a Queensite that I have to share a geographical location on Long Island with these spoiled brownstone snots! Let me remind you "row- house" guys....Edith Wharton , author of "The Age of Innocence" described the (then) new "brownstones" in that same book as being built of ".......the most hideous stone ever quarried......."! They're a--hole buddies these Brooklyn brownstoners and the LPC. It's their prefered style of architecture. Are you listening....Mary Beth Betts?