Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bellerose Brick Box

At the very western end of 89 Ave in Bellerose Manor, there remained, for many years, a beautiful piece of grassy, undisturbed land. NYC had at one time thought it would continue 89th Avenue all the way through, but eventually decided against it.

Of course, progress means building new homes, even if "homes" to some means a brick box that a five-year-old could design.

Not only does this mess of a design look totally out-of-place on Moline Street, it sticks out much further than all of the other homes.

The exposed utility pipes add to its charm. If you look close, you'll notice that no addresses are posted on these doors. Could it be that the residents are too embarrassed to let anyone know they live there?



Anonymous said...

Another military bunker! Where's the artillery? I like the garage provided for the armored Hummer. Gag!

Janie said...

It seems we are on the brink of building ourselves into oblivion.