Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lights out in Howard Beach

From the Queens Chronicle:

An underpass in Howard Beach has been left in the dark for a little more than two weeks and one activist is frustrated with the Department of Transportation’s slow response to requests for temporary lighting at the site.

“It’s very annoying and it’s very upsetting,” said Joe Thompson, president of the Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol. “I don’t think it’s fair that these people didn’t react fast enough.”

The underpass at 84th Street below Shore Parkway went pitch black on Jan. 13, according to Thompson, who lives nearby.

He immediately filed a 311 complaint to have the lighting restored at the site, which he said is frequented by residents living in nearby co-ops and parishioners at St. Helen Church.

Thompson said he has received no follow-up reports on his original complaint, or an additional one he made a few days later.

“It’s completely pitch dark,” he said.

He said workers have been seen at the site working on the lighting, but that they have not succeeded in illuminating the underpass.


Joe Moretti said...

DOT is just as corrupt as DOB and as useless.

Anonymous said...

Everything, EVERYTHING D.O.T. touches turns to shit

JQ said...

I find it hard to fathom that a neighborhood like howard beach can't get a few lights fixed.

Who am I kidding?when it comes to serving the needs of the public,southeastern queens is too far and not cool enough as ridgewood or even glendale to get any repairs or what they call revitalization these days.

so.ea. queens is a leper colony,it's just too far away.

watch crime rise there,that town had a bunch of burglaries in a year.And that underpass is a prime area for muggings,or maybe a new homeless enclave.

Anonymous said...

They spent their light budget on the stupid bike lane nobody has ever used.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks! The highway lighting and 3 underpasses on the Queens side of the Triborough Bridge have been out for over 2 years!