Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lucky Chuck?

From Crains:

Campaign postmortems are in full swing, and the sentiment at one election autopsy in midtown Wednesday morning was that Democrats flopped because they failed to run on their record, and that New York's Charles Schumer could ultimately emerge from the carnage as the most powerful member of the Senate—in 2017.

Nationally, the Democrats' loss of the U.S. Senate majority means that New York's two senators, Mr. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, will be in the chamber's minority for at least the next two years. The minority typically has little hope to pass legislation, but Mr. Berman said the newly constituted Senate presents an opportunity for New York's senior senator.

"Schumer is now the most powerful Democrat in the Senate," he said. "Chuck has done an amazing job of cultivating the Senate moderates. ... He knows how to make deals. He has a real feel for how to legislate."

Mr. Schumer, the Senate's third-ranking Democrat, could even find himself running the chamber if Democrats recapture the majority in the 2016 election, Mr. Berman said. "He's an alchemist," said the Republican consultant, alluding to the senator's ability to craft legislation and build coalitions to pass it. "And there are damn few alchemists in the Congress."


Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone here will find fault Schumer -mainly 'cause he is a Democrat. But this is how Congress worked WHEN it did work.

The extremists have accomplished nothing.

Anonymous said...

Don't ah luv the way Chuckie always wears his specs on the end of his big nose? I guess he thinks they make him look wiser that way. This scum sack needs to be sacked by the voters.

Anonymous said...

chuck still has aids carry his name signs at the Littleneck/Douglaston MEMORIAL DAY PARADES, showing no regards for our WAR DEAD.

he also <as a nys legislator voted for FORCED BUSING REGENTS MEMBERS ,who advocated sending N.Queens 8-12 graders to S. Queens H.S. A.Jackson in 1975.

leftwingers have to be defeated now.

JQ said...

this guy will be the next majority leader if the pussycrats rebound in 2016

which will be realized after more hearings on repealing the affordable care act and sending thousands more to die and come home shattered fighting wars of ideas and defending crucial energy territories for corporate behemoths and arab princes.

its always 2 evils,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Chucky never met a camera he didnt like.

He holds the record for most appearances at useless press conferences.