Saturday, November 8, 2014

Football games cause parking chaos

From DNA Info:

Residents of a Ridgewood block say their safety is being jeopardized by drivers who double park along their street, blocking driveways and access to a fire hydrant.

The dead end block on 65th Place at 68th Avenue becomes a virtual parking lot several times a week, when kids from a youth football league play at Mafera Park, locals say.

According to the 311 online map, residents of the block have placed more than a dozen calls regarding the situation in the past two months, including complaints about blocked sidewalks and a hydrant and double parking.

In two cases, the police took action, but it was not clear what was done. In one instance, the people responsible were gone and in another no action was necessary. The results in other cases were not clear.


Anonymous said...

How about all those psycho moms dropping off and picking up kids every day in Whitestone, Bayside and Flushing?

Why can't these spoiled, entitled little brats take public transpo or WALK?????

These Mafia Moms are the true traffic hazard twice a day five days a week!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ,not enough cops to enforce the the small can bitch on this blog or you can write to your elected officials and demand more cops.

Anonymous said...

Mafera Park ?
Never heard of it an who is Mafera