Friday, November 14, 2014

ASPCA & NYPD form animal cruelty unit

From NBC:

For years, when the ASPCA received a report of animal cruelty, their own enforcement unit, composed mostly of former police officers, would investigate. That's all changed now that the ASPCA has teamed up with the NYPD -- now current cops do the investigating and the ASPCA does the veterinary work. Andrew Siff has an exclusive look inside the new unit.


Joe Moretti said...

Very good. Hopefully this will help with the animal cruelty that takes place in this city.

Anonymous said...

Aspca disbanded their Humane Enforcement unit. The small amount of cops is just not enough to make up for this. Now even less cops to handle routine work. We are down nearly 5500 cops and 500 civilians. We don't get nearly the service for the high taxes we pay.

Anonymous said...

So much for pets. Unless there is blood on the ground or a sex crime "we dont belive that rises to the level of criminal activity" NYPD, wont respond. 911 wont send a patrol car. Detective at the precinct will spend 20 minutes arguing with you for you to give up filing your "report" with him.