Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DOT studying traffic controls near Flushing Commons project

From CBS 2:

Along Union Street, the sidewalk is cut off; instead of adhering to signs, people walk in the traffic lanes anyway.

“I have to follow the flow I guess,” one pedestrian said.

As Murdock reported, having no sidewalk is just one issue—the traffic is another.

The area is a mass transportation hub with thousands of people and hundreds of cars at any given time. Because of construction, three lanes are now down to two.

Senator Tony Avella says right now, there are more questions than answers about how this nightmare came to life.

“Why was permission given, if it was, to the contractor to close off that one lane of traffic, which is also a bus route? Two, why was the contractor allowed to close off the sidewalk?” he said.

Murdock repeatedly asked the same questions of the Department of Transportation, to which it said it was exploring the addition of a left turn signal and other traffic controls nearby.

Shouldn't this have been figured out before construction started?


Anonymous said...

Tony Avella is absolutely right. It is unnecessary to close the sidewalk of Union Street. People are still walking on that side of the Union street anyway to create unsafe situation. How come only Tony Avella pays attention to this public safety issue, where are the other politicians?

Anonymous said...

This is how things are done in Flushing. Two decades of mass destruction without a peep from our elected officials, city agencies, and community board!

Anonymous said...

How about repaving Main st?

JQ said...

where is the designated sidewalk that usually accompanies these projects?Despite all the blade runner tower development in the past decade,they at least cordon off a section for pedestrians,at the detriment of space for vehicles of course.

And shouldn't this be counted as a violation of the vision zero program.How could mayor mccray allow this?Someone is going to get killed,and you know who's going to get blamed,the pedestrian,because of arbitrary bullshit like warning signs instead of negligent planning that robbed taxpayers of their reliable commuting path.

georgetheatheist said...

Relax. No one's going to get killed. The speed limit's going to be 25mph.

JQ said...


I read denis hamill's column too


Anonymous said...

Would somebody ask Gene Kelty...FDNY's best and chair of CB7...how the fuck apparatus is going to speedily get to a fire with this tangle of crap they call traffic flow in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen balloon Kelty lately? He can fly over a fire...that gas bag...and piss it out.