Thursday, November 6, 2014

Costco coming to Jamaica?

From DNA Info:

Costco, one of the largest wholesalers in the country, is actively investigating opening a store in Downtown Jamaica, according to those approached by reps for the mega-chain.

Costco representatives recently spoke to at least two developers who own property in the area, the developers confirmed.

Currently Costco has locations in Rego Park, Brooklyn and Harlem.


Anonymous said...

What about Astoria?

Joe Moretti said...

This would be a good idea, but not on Archer and Guy Brewer. That stretch is already congested with tons of buses, vans, trucks and cars, this would make it even more of a nightmare. Doesn't anyone think of infrastructure with development. Oh, my bad, I am asking for logic.

Astoria already has one on Vernon Blvd by the river past in between LIC and Astoria.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a Home Depot around there? It is indeed a very congested area. The city should rethink this one. Put it closer to Liberty or the Van Wyck.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Anonymous1 meant that the Astoria location should have been mentioned in the article.