Sunday, November 2, 2014

Barnes and Noble in Fresh Meadows to close

From the Daily News:

Barnes & Noble is closing one of its three Queens stores by the end of the year, officials said.

The book megastore, located near St. John’s University in Fresh Meadows, could not negotiate a new lease for its Union Turnpike digs.

“We had discussions with the property owner to try to structure a lease extension but were not able to come to an agreement,” said David Deason, Barnes & Noble vice president of development.

The big-box store opened 10 years ago. Local residents have heard rumors the site will be transformed into a T.J. Maxx clothing store.


Anonymous said...

That's just perfect for the dumb-asses in Queens!

Anonymous said...

This really sucks, I can thunk of four schools in the area (Not counting st. John's U.)The landlord blows. I doubt T.J. Maxx Will open there considering they've just opened a store at Atlas. I hope the site stays empty for years...

Anonymous said...

When you let people use your book store like a library and nobody buys anything, what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

"When you let people use your book store like a library and nobody buys anything, what do you expect?"

Not to mention how noisy it is in the store will people talking on cell phones.

Joe said...

They are all going down nobody under the age 30 reads books. Go into the Ridgewood or any Queens library, 90% of all you see is toys, fingerpaint, games, DVDs and computers.
They threw all the books & Bavarian woodwork out. INCLUDING all the old Ridgewood Times and JHS93 yearbooks. Its as if NYC is deliberately erasing NYC heritage and history. It now looks like a daycare center. Generation Y and Z along with the illegal offspring are all dumb and stupid.
--The way Democrats running this socialist asylum want them. Barnes and Noble doesn't have a chance and is on life support. Those who do read use tablets and downloadable E-Books. Books are gone, most recyclers no longer accept "book paper" because it is now an EXPENSIVE toxic losing commodity to recycle. All thanks to new hostile government environmental regulations.
Go to a recycler with a trunk of paper magazines (like my 90 year old mother reads)they treat you like its Ebola NO NO WE DON'T TAKE PAPER NOT EVEN FOR FREE !!

Anonymous said...

Do not believe that no one is buying books or that this is not a popular place in the community. This is the largest Barnes and Noble in Queens, I believe, with a music section and a wonderful lady in the Children's Department who does story hours with the children. There is also a play area and many children's toys.

This is purely greed on the part of the landlord. He just may end up with an empty building just like so many other properties along the Union Turnpike Merchants Association's neighborhood.

This is right across from Sly Fox Inn property, and you know what that landlord did!

Anonymous said...

Petition to Save the Union Turnpike Barnes & Noble

Anonymous said...

This new instant immigration status for any foreign family who invests $500,000 or more is a death sentence.
20 or so Hong Kong family s named "Lee" can pretend to be family, pool their money to build & colonize an entire building. This instantly overwhelming the schools, parking, sewers and garbage pickup in the process.
They also kill and cement over anything green or made of wood..
---and we pay for it it all.

Anonymous said...

Bricks and mortar retail is doomed in general. Everybody reads books online and customers buy online. Except for establishments that encourage social's a vanishing scene...old Main Street stores. Bye bye 19-20th centuries...hello brave New World's 21-22nd centuries.

The Logician said...

The notion that the lease, according to one reader commenting here, was not renewed because of "pure greed" on the part of the landord is pure nonsense. In the first place, all economic transactions are an expression of "greed," i.e., of the transactor's desire to gain a benefit that he would not have gained without the transaction. So the claim must be that the the landlord is being unreasonable in some way--for example, attempting to secure a lease renewal on terms far above the market rate for leasing the space. And how would the commenter know this? Terms of the renewal offer to Barnes and Noble have not been made public. So the comment represents nothing more than unreflective anti-capitalist bile on the part of the commenter. It is more likely that Barnes and Noble has been having trouble maintaining profitability with its box stores, as further indicated by the fact that it has since this closure also closed two other stores in Queens.