Friday, October 3, 2014

Squatters removed from Howard Beach house

From the Forum:

Two well-known area vagrants...ambled off the block after authorities forced them out of the Howard Beach house that area residents said has been a haven for prostitution, drug dealing, violence and other crimes for the past two years.

Vice cops from the 106th Precinct and Queens District Attorney’s Office investigators, performing a nuisance abatement around 9 p.m., booted Amanda Miller, 38, and Logan Gruntz, 33, from the troubled house on 95th Street between 159th and 160th avenues, padlocked the front door and placed bright official stickers on it declaring the edifice closed by court order.

And not a moment too soon, according to one neighbor who asked that his identity not be revealed.

“Business was booming [last Thursday],” he noted, referring to johns frequenting the house. “I counted five cars within an hour and a half.”

Court records show that Miller is currently facing outstanding cases for prostitution and larceny.

The neighbor said the house began to decay after Superstorm Sandy hit and the house’s original owner, Maria Savinetti, moved away.


Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago if this took place in Howard Beach, two things would have been certain;
1. This never would have made so much as a blurb in the news.
2. These two, "well-known area vagrants" would have been "ambled" out of existence, not just merely the neighborhood, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

Anonymous said...

sadly this was a bigger surprise to me since i knew the girl and she dated someone close to me and neither of us ever knew she was prostituting herself, but i will say this, she was the most intelligent and ambitious person i have ever met and everything she touched turned to gold, but when she started messing with pot then coke and finally crystal meth my close friend broke it off and she stole from all of us and made many enemies, showed up at my home crazy hours asking to crash on my couch and finally we turned our backs to her, turns out her father was a famous attorney in the early 90's during the howard beach trials, his name was ronnie rubenstein wants nothing to do with her either, sad waste of life for such an incredible person

Anonymous said...

First of all the above comments are untrue, I am Amanda's best friend, she never asked to sleep on Anyone's couch, never did crystal meth, always had a place to stay. Her true friends never turned their backs on her, she never asked anyone for anything, solved her problems on her own. People need to get facts straight. She is now over a year sober, and living a wonderful life with real people, not fake ones, like most of that horrible neighborhood.

Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing that the editor of the form who bad-mouthed me and my fiance on the front page of a paper which was all lies is now facing 20 years in jail told a sexually abused daughter's father, if she testifies she's going to badmouth her in the paper exactly what she did to us karma is a b**** now she knows what it feels like not to have a bed