Sunday, August 3, 2014

State comptroller believes Rockaway rail line is feasible

From the Queens Chronicle:

In a report released last week, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach LIRR is not only feasible, but a good investment for the financially-shaky Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The document alleged that the MTA has not restored the entire transit system to a state of good repair because it has not received all the funding it has sought and because cost overruns on large capital projects siphoned off resources that could have been used to modernize the system. In it, DiNapoli says restoring the route would cut down on costs of transporting residents in South Queens and the Rockaways and spur development in the area.

“The MTA has stated that given the fiscal constraints of the current economy, it will need to respond with new strategies to boost capacity and accessibility, and which are more strategic in scale and location and are accomplished within customers’ commuting lifetimes,” the state comptroller said in the report. “Potential new strategies include rebuilding constrained subway junctions and terminals, expanding station stairways and platforms, and converting available rights-of-way. The MTA cites the former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch as an example of this approach. Restoring service on the Rockaway Beach Branch would be a less costly way to speed commutes between South Queens and Manhattan, improve travel within the borough, and promote economic growth.”


Anonymous said...

The city and state have cut payments to the MTA capital plan to essentially zero. The state paid for some of the last five year plan by taking on debt itself. Now Cuomo is deducting dedicated mta taxes to pay back those bonds. Cuomo tells his lackey to give the unions big raises, and not to raise fares to pay for it. Not to deal with the ridiculous work rules and overstaffing to pay for it. He wants them to hide the cost. Cut operating budget payments to the capital plan, cut payments to the pension fund - essentially borrow money at a higher interest rate than a bond issue. The existing debt load and pension underfunding at the MTA is a problem. Rebuilding this line is unaffordable until a governor and a mayor who care about the health of the transit system is elected. You aren't getting a new rail line with the pair in office.

They'll improve bus service along cross bay/woodhaven. That's all for the corridor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent to see a leader who recognizes what is good for our borough and the rest of the city instead of pandering to a few NIMBYs along the line. Hopefully, the N can be extended to LaGuardia Airport with this line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Fuck N to astoria. Extend the G all the way up 21st street and over to LGA. There's no capacity on the N as it is, and all these waterfront developments coming to astoria are not going to help.

Also Fuck 'Queensway' and fuck cuomo for giving away 250k to study the trail idea without even looking at rail. Cuomo is 100% an anti-rail con-man who doesn't give one fuck about anyone's commute time.

What to see change? Kick his ass to the curb.

Anonymous said...

There are so many places that cry out for subways in Queens, it would be crazy to prioritize this one.

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea and it will never happen. Once a rail line gone--it's gone forever.