Friday, August 8, 2014

Selling their souls for "affordable housing?"

Map from Curbed
From the Daily News:

Leaders in Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside are inviting the city to look their way to put up some of the 200,000 affordable apartments the de Blasio administration has promised to create or preserve.

“The neighborhood has become too pricey," said Community Board 2 chair Joseph Conley. “In Hunters Point and Long Island City, the rents are astronomical and people are being priced out.”

Conley penned a letter to city officials proposing four swaths of land that could be rezoned to allow for taller buildings and potentially denser developments with affordable housing set aside.

They include part of Queens Plaza in Long Island City, a triangle in Woodside — bound by Broadway, Northern Blvd. and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway — and an area in Sunnyside near Northern Blvd. between 43rd to 48th Sts.

Conley also proposed building on top of the Long Island Rail Road tracks on Woodside Ave. between 63rd and 65th Sts.

I'm surprised that someone like Conley fell for the affordable housing charade. Yes, encourage overdevelopment in order to bring in a handful of "affordable" units which will be anything but and that no one from the area will actually be chosen for. Sounds like a plan.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame. There are some nice buildings there. I can't say the same of the massive major world car lot and other dealerships and auto part stores. If you're going to rezone something rezone them instead. And only with a tax surcharge on those projects that will bring in enough money to add a new stop on Northern for the F train and any provision needed (maybe a flyover by broadway) to extend a future train line east along Northern blvd past Broadway without interfering with existing services. That way after phases three and four of the second avenue subway is built and north of 63rd street you have the Q and T, south of 63rd street you could have the T and a second service to take the 63rd street tunnel and run down Northern in Queens, breaking off from the F at broadway.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we start deporting people to make some damn room in this city? If you're illegal, you should have no rights to live here!

JQ said...

these buildings are to be avoided,not only for the fact that they will only be affordable for the disposable incomes of generation gentrification,but for the haste of which these towers are rising.There are certain to be structural problems and the imminent threats from hurricanes with those buildings close to water.

Mike Francesa said...

Thank you hipsters and illegals.

Anonymous said...

Intresting - the area in that map is Astoria, not Sunnyside, and not in Community Board 2, but Community Board 1. It is also completely filled with 2 to 5 story buildings.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we start deporting people to make some damn room in this city? If you're illegal, you should have no rights to live here!
Well, hack, tell this to your boss, Virginia Joe who does everything he can do to build a base for the party.

Anonymous said...

I like that part of Woodside/Sunnyside just the way it is. A zoning change there is going to change whole character of that area. And I wouldn't be surprised if eminent domain is used to get rid of the holdout two-family homeowners.

I don't like the precedent. If they can do this here, then they can do it anywhere. Every block that's just minding it own business with one- and two- family homes is now a target of developers for "affordable housing".

Developers can get their land for "affordable housing" by looking for it on the free market. We don't need the big thumb of the government on the scale to give them lower prices for the land they want to acquire.

(1) If people really are being "priced-out", I'd like to see the list of vacancies.

(2) JQ, this neighbor's closest "water" is Astoria Pool.

georgetheatheist said...

"2) JQ, this neighbor's closest "water" is Astoria Pool."

Yup, Woodside is the driest part in Queens. They laugh at the hurricanes there. Sh-h-h don't tell anybody.

JQ said...

last anon:I was referring to other areas of where they are doing the most of this planning,not woodside.sorry for being late to post on those "astoria cove" stories.

thank you george by the way.I guess woodside might have one of these and won't share the technology>>>

Anonymous said...

I've lived in the proposed rezoning area in the map until last December. It's a beautiful tree lined residential area. No reason to destroy it.
Well, I allow the city take the Hyundai place and make it to be a nice public area with bench and trees!
Everybody around the block hates the Hyundai place because the dealer parks their cars on the street. Residents couldn't park their car so we made a lot complain to the city and NYPD but nothing change. Crap!

Anonymous said...

"If you're illegal, you should have no rights to live here!
Agreed 100% but in Queens laws MEAN NOTHING and those 2 family owners will lose their homes to house all these people and its only going to get worse.
The Obama government has lost the IDs and court appearance receipts for the 1000+ per week illegal kids & parents they been dumping in Queens. (they sure seem to have lots of hard drive crashes)