Friday, August 1, 2014

Gut renovation done without approval

65-11 Grand Avenue in Maspeth has been in rough shape for a really long time. Rumor had it that a reclusive elderly lady lived inside - alone - who couldn't keep the place up. So it was a relief to many to finally see a scaffold erected and work begin on the property.

Alas, the operation was quickly shut down, and now the rickety shrouded scaffold remains. (It usually helps to get approval of your plans before you start gutting the place.)


We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

So there's wood under all that shitty vinyl siding on the block?

It's a pity that people were ever allowed to put that garbage up.

That might be a gorgeous block if all the siding were to be removed and the wood restored - I know - it's a fantasy...

Anonymous said...

There's siding on the Dutch Reformed Church of Newtown. Relax. If it's done tastefully, vinyl siding can look good and be a good protectant. Those buildings would look better with shutters.

Anonymous said...

me no habla. what are the "laws" you keep talking about?

Joe said...

I was looking at that yesterday.
The stripped of siding reveals all the original siding and sills it was really interesting. The so called "scaffolding" looked more like a netting to contain (possibly lead based paint) they were stripping off the original woodwork.
The scaffolding looked structurally and bolted. That buildings exterior would look awesome if restored original. Its this plastic and tin can siding & capping that should be banned