Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Expanded Willets Plan to end committee review

Tonight, Queens Community Board 7 will hold what is expected to be its final committee meeting on the proposed Willets West mall / Willets Point Phase One development, prior to its public hearing next Monday night.

The proposal now under review involves both the controversial 1.4 million square foot "Willets West" mall, to be built on 30+ acres of mapped parkland located west of Citi Field, and also development of a first phase of Willets Point property, consisting of 23 acres out of the entire 62 acre Willets Point site.

When the Willets Point development was first presented to decision-makers during 2008, the project team and City officials emphasized that the entire 62 acre site needed to be taken over and remediated comprehensively, because of concerns of cross-contamination.

Decision-makers were told that partial remediation of the site is impractical. CB7 Vice Chair Chuck Apelian told the City Planning Commission, "The site MUST be remediated as one complete site" because of potential cross-contamination. Helen Marshall testified, "The entire development project MUST proceed comprehensively and NOT be phased in".

And yet, Sterling Equities and Related Companies don't seem to find it the least bit impractical, to develop just one phase of Willets Point.

Here is a video compilation, showing the project team, City officials, and decision-makers insisting that Willets Point must be remediated and developed comprehensively – contrary to the current plan.


Anonymous said...

CB7 is just going through the motions.

They will put their stamp of approval on the WP plan after their tap dance is over.

"Follow the buck" Chuck is very much aware of all the federal investigations going on around him.

He's badly in need of money these days...but he will take great care to make us all think he's the good guy.

If these developers offer him any perks, Chuck might actually be forced to refuse them...this time!

What does chairman Kelty, and the rest of the board members get out of this?

Has Marilyn Bitterman been offered a bonus ?
Is $95,000 a year in salary enough for her?

Anonymous said...

95,000 a year to sit there like a puppet wow things are good at cb7

Anonymous said...

bend over boys... here it comes!!!

get ready for a mall on the park(ing lot)

Anonymous said...

On Wednesday night, the CB7 committee voted against this proposal by a landslide. News will get out Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Oh...the "committee" voted against it.
That's just all part of the big show, folks.

Chuck wants to save the midst of the investigations...that might be catching up to him.

Wait until the full board votes.

The hammer falls..."SITE SOLD"..with CB#7's approval!

Anonymous said...

"2 buck Chuck" needs every dollar he can scrounge.

We hear that Apelian has big bills to pay.
Would he sell us out for as little as 2 bits now?

Maybe the Vallone campaign isn't paying him what they used Charles?

Anonymous said...

Where's the old "granny" windbag?

Calling Claire shoe-up-our-asses!

Maybe Shulman is busy with her lawyers. Maybe she's about to get caught up in those recent FBI probes.

Anonymous said...

Will Jack Bitterman con some free passes with free eats out of this? We hear that he fresses like a chazzah (pig).

Be sure to keep upwind from him after his full meal.

Watching closely said...

Let's see how chucky boy agrees to all kinds of stipulations and promises from mr goldrich
And the lobby boy Harry g......the whole community is watching chuck do the right thing and send this plan back where it came from,the garbage....stand up chucky no one likes the plan and nothing will ever be built but a hotel and a parking lot all to let billionaires get richer and the working guy jobless.....everything they they tell you chucky is a lie when will you learn have nothing to lose chucky. Stand up once and for all

Anonymous said...

Gene stepped up big time I hear let's see if he can withstand the pressure