Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shiny new supermarket for Far Rockaway

From the Daily News:

For the first time in decades, a new store is opening at the barren Far Rockaway Shopping Center.

Food Dynasty is replacing the smaller Associated supermarket that had anchored the ailing strip mall. And local officials are hoping the large, bright store will pave the way for new tenants and big improvements.

The $2 million-plus renovation included a virtual gutting of the store, expansion into a former storage area, new roof, floors and refrigeration system.

Rita Stark, the owner of the shopping center, said she is in negotiations to rent out other storefronts that have been shuttered for years.

Stark is a controversial figure who has baffled real estate experts and civic leaders by allowing many of her properties to remain vacant over the years.

The Far Rockaway Shopping Center was once filled with home improvement stores, restaurants, a laundromat and other businesses. It is now empty except for a dry cleaner, a drug store and the supermarket.

After repeated complaints from Community Board 14 and elected officials that the site was deteriorating, Stark agreed to clean up the shopping center, which had filled with abandoned cars.


Anonymous said...

This is a clear case where "property rights" contributed to the decline and stagnation of a neighborhood.

Question now: Will the new market be priced for the area?

Anonymous said...

wasn't she the bundler who was involved in former Cm. Sheldon Leffler's conviction for campaign finance fraud , during the past Queens Borough President race years ago.

Anonymous said...

"This is a clear case where "property rights" contributed to the decline and stagnation of a neighborhood."


(Why would you put the words "property rights" in quotes?)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm empty mall...maybe she was getting a cut from all the drug dealing on the property.

Anonymous said...

Above all else, she and her father are the worst slumlords in Queens.

Anonymous said...

If an owner is stupid enough to allow rentable retail space to go idle for years rather than meeting the market price for a lease, you call that "stupid", not "property rights".

Anonymous said...

But very typical of the Stark family. How long did they let the Long Island Press building in Jamaica sit vacant before they did anything with it? They don't care.