Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bayside flag flap

From the Times Ledger:

Retired Bayside businessman Jack Oshier did not need a microphone when he waved American flags to make his point in the 46-35 Oceania St. school cafeteria where Community Board 11 was holding its last formal gathering Monday before a two-month summer recess.

According to Oshier, the Bayside Village Business Improvement District has been reluctant to agree to fund the placement of flags along Bayside’s train station fencing on Bell Boulevard — a decoration he and other business owners had previously paid for themselves. He said BID leaders said they first needed approval from the city.

“These flags don’t cause any problems and they are staying up there no matter what,” Oshier said. “Doesn’t the BID have other things to be concerned about?”

Oshier also reminded the board that businesses advertising by placing unauthorized signs on the railroad bridge was illegal and should be brought to the attention of city Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.


Anonymous said...

i nominate Mr. Oshier ,patriot, for congress.

Anonymous said...

they are staying up there no matter what.

I like the sound of that.

Anonymous said...

God bless America. God bless Jack Oshier.

If the city doesn't like the flags, then do what everyone does, and let the city sue to get them removed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the city would prefer
Korean or Chinese flags instead?

After all,
we must take care not to offend the Asians by waving American flags in their faces.

Isn't that what
the unofficial policy is within NYC?

FU, Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

Bayside is doing its best
to still appear "American".

But Korean businesses and churches
have made some serious incursions onto
"Bar (Bell) Boulevard".

Tough luck!
You can't stop the Flushing-ization of the strip.

Jack Oshier said...

I am Jack Oshier.
I am flattered with the comments about the flags, but the Bayside Times neglected to mention the name of the key money contributor in the project. Edward Teran the owner of American Vision at Bell Blvd. and 41st Ave. The picture you see was from last year. Since that time new flags have been put up.
Would sure like to see Bell plastered with American Flags. That won't happen any time soon as long as we have a Business Improvement District more interested in street fairs than cleaning up the sidewalks, or honoring America with more American Flags.

Thankyou to all who commented.
Jack Oshier