Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If Claire likes her, she must be no good

Interesting that Stavisky promotes an endorsement by Shulman in this way, when Shulman's LDC organization is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the NYS Office of the Attorney General re: alleged unlawful lobbying in violation of Section 1411 of the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law; and other ongoing investigations.

Then again, the Queens Granny Brigade isn't exactly known for its brains.


Anonymous said...

compared to Toby who looks like she's already been embalmed..."granny" Shulman looks like they exhumed her for the day, and will pop her back in after her endorsement is finished.

Then there's Koo 'n Liu in the background.

What a shabby bunch of crooks
that we stupid, catatonic, Queens "crabgrass frontier" folks...keep on electing and re-electing.

No wonder our asses
keep on getting reamed out!

At least in Crooklyn
their shady pols have much more style.

Anonymous said...

If I was there, I'd be using a gas mask!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd need a barf bag!

Anonymous said...

LOCK her old ass up.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why Shulman
has such a fond attachment to the Willets Point area?

During low tide...
it's the only place she can safely go
where her stench will be masked
by the odor of the Flushing River

Anonymous said...

What a load of ugly gas bags! And get load of that ass wipe, Peter Koo Koo Ka Chu.

Anonymous said...


When are we gonna see the last of that bovine bitch Shulman's face?

She's right out of "Crypt Keeper" comic books.

She makes even a man like me...who's got a cast iron stomach...make a quick run to the toilet.

Anonymous said...

"One of these days, Alice"!

Maybe Claire's astronaut daughter (Dr. Ellen Baker) has enough pull left to get mom sent to the Moon.