Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Downgrading of crimes still going on

From Eyewitness News:

John Jewett says he was victimized twice. First, by a young man he met at a bar and then by the Midtown North Precinct. It all began, last March when the man he met allegedly attacked him with a wood table and threatened to kill him. Police responded, and Jewett was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He had a fractured rib, numerous cuts and bruises and broken teeth.

Jewett says that the police did everything in their power not to have him file complaint. When he went to the Precinct to get the assault report, he was told there was no record of the incident. For weeks, he pleaded with the Precinct to file it as a crime and charge the man who attacked him.


Vito said...

How I miss those old
Italian mob turfs.

There was no need of crooked cops
in my old Bronx nabe to be coaxed into dispensing justice.

A visit to "The Don's" cafe...
and a bum like that would be in the hospital by the end of the very next day.

Me and my family could walk the streets in safety.

Anonymous said...

When will this city and its people WAKE UP?? Cops are coming forward on a regular basis claiming the numbers are fudged, and nobody listens to them. Then they are discredited and thrown into psych hospitals by Kelly and his upper brass goons.
And we all wonder why more cops don't come forward??? Morale in the NYPD is dead. Kelly is running the department to the ground, and the usual useful idiots want to make him mayor. Does anyone here even know how many patrol cars their local precinct turns out on one tour? DO you see what is getting out of those cars these days? Thank Kelly and Bloomberg for this mess.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure the people of College Point are looking forward to its new neighbor---the Police Academy.

Anonymous said...

call the OWS nuts if you ever need protection from a criminal.

nypd is the best defense against tyranny in the world.

remember the WEATHER UNDERGROUND,BLACK PANTHER,F.A.L/N. terrorists of the 1960's-70's. my generation does.

they MURDERED innocent citizens then .

wake up.

Anonymous said...

I trust the police, don't you? There only here to help you!