Friday, April 6, 2012

A really crappy idea

From The Brooklyn Paper:

The city wants to blow bubbles into Newtown Creek in an effort to clean the polluted waterway, but activists fear the plan will dispense foul sewage fumes into the air.

Department of Environmental Protection officials are trying to install a new $115-million aeration system that will pump oxygen into the Greenpoint sludgeway so the creek can meet state and federal water quality standards.

But neighbors and environmental advocates say the plan is only a band-aid solution designed to please bureaucratic bean counters rather than solve Newtown Creek’s problems, which include an antiquated sewer system that floods the canal with raw sewage during heavy rains and 150 years of chemical seepage so severe the viaduct needs a federal cleanup.

Worse, they fear noxious bubbles could become a public health risk if they churn organic waste to the surface.


Anonymous said...

Give me an "A" please...maestro.

"I'm forever blowing bubbles...
pretty bubbles in the air".

Who is "Bubbles"?

It sounds more like NYC is blowing some more smoke up our asses.

I see an increase in taxes for us all in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Why should the city spend all this time and money just to please the yuppie-hipsters who want to live along the canal?

Meanwhile, the crated remains of St. Saviour's Church still sits waiting to be reassembled on a permanent site.

Wah, wah, wah...crocodile tears...
but NYC can't seem to find any money for that.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Blowing bubbles in Newtown Creek, how ironic, they're literally blowing smoke up Queens' ass.

Anonymous said...

I think in the gowanus canal another foul waterway, they used turbines fan under water to circulate the water to have a circulating water way to introduce external clean water into the canal and thus over time having lowered the noxious stuff and smell over time. Newtown Creek I agree is the worst, maybe in the nation - so where does one start to clean it anyhow - all talk and no plan = nothing gets better - take action any action - accept it folks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry - they will proceed to build housing here knowing that the developers will be off the hook and the taxpayers will get the bill

when it comes to the inevitable jump in everything from cancer to autism in the young children hipster parents who will move here

- I mean if those yo-yos move next to a train yard or a flood plain on the East River they sure they hell will move on Newtown Creek.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm,toxic sludge scent!

Anonymous said... will produce more seaweed that obama will turn into fuel! FoolFuel.........

No Laughing Matter Folks said...

when it comes to the inevitable jump in everything from cancer to autism in the young children hipster parents who will move here

sure and when they sue the city you and I as taxpayers will foot the bill, not the developers or shill politicians.

this is something we all should look into....

Anonymous said...

Tide locks and a well placed turbine may do the trick. Bring in fresh water at high tide and release at low tide.
The east river would take it out into the Atlantic ocean
This was done in Amsterdam.
If most people only knew what that creek smelled like in the 60's. On some days it could knock people over. Blowing bubbles would be far cheaper but a stupid option.