Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meng trying to hide her heritage?

From Crains:

Since announcing a bid for an open Queens congressional seat last month, Assemblywoman Grace Meng has largely kept her last name out of the three-way Democratic primary race. Campaign signs, placards and logos belonging to the Flushing politician have simply read: “Grace” and then “Democrat For Congress.”

It's an unusual omission, insiders say, especially in a contested race among candidates with low name recognition. “I've never seen a case where a person didn't use their last name,” said a campaign consultant who has been designing literature and lawn signs for 25 years. (Hillary Clinton went with simply “Hillary,” but she was a widely known former first lady.)

The appearance is that Ms. Meng, a Chinese-American lawyer, is trying to introduce herself in an ethnically neutral manner throughout the northeast Queens district, which is rife with conservative, white Democrats. Her campaign “might want to conceal the fact that she's Asian,” said one insider working to defeat the assemblywoman, who would be the first Asian-American woman elected to Congress.

Ok. Can I first say that Crain's clearly has no idea what the city looks like outside of Manhattan.

Perhaps Crain's ought to "crane their neck" a little higher so they can get a better view of the facts in Queens County. (attributed to the Flushing Phantom).

That suggests Ms. Meng must appeal to working-class whites in places like Auburndale, Bayside, North Flushing, Glendale and Maspeth.

Most of Auburndale, Bayside and North Flushing is not working-class and has a different take on things, particularly Asian-Americans in politics.

"There are conservative Democrats in many parts of the district who aren't exactly forward-thinking,” a Queens Democratic insider said, adding that many are uncomfortable with the recent proliferation of Asians locally.

It's not that the voters aren't forward-thinking; it's that the voters have seen the reality of what each of the Asian-Americans who have been elected to office so far have done, which is to say nothing (at best) and criminality at worst.


georgetheatheist said...

Endorsed by Emily's List for women's rights advocacy and then hired as a consultant Multi-Media Mike Nussbaum and then championed by "Virginia Joe" Crowley in a front page photo in the sex-trade promoting Queens Tribune:

Grace, have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

So Meng is trying to make herself more palatable amongst the "round eyed" voters that she needs to win the election?

What a desperate move.

She already knows that she's a Democratic party joke, with no real chance of a victory.

The Democratic machine
is just using Gracie.

They want to get a hold of some of her daddy's (gangster?) money

And I guess with the recent John Liu scandal...Asiatics aren't looking very trustworthy.

But, how in the hell does Grace hide her Oriental roots...
by wearing a mask?

I think that Meng stepped into quite a pile of political poop when she decided to accept the Crowley machine's endorsement.

Say goodnight now...Gracie.


Anonymous said...

Is the overly sensitive Meng ashamed of her Taiwanese/Chinese heritage?

She might win an election in Taipei but she won't get a landslide here.

Look at the district she's running in.

Anonymous said...

Why, it's as if you were suggesting that the campaign is fraught with peril or something.

Anonymous said...

I love how he is holding her arms up like the puppeteer he is.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the
Nussbaum-Schenckler-Ackerman crew are bilking the Orientals for their money once again.

What's Joe Crowley's cut of Meng's spending for Multi Media's services?

Poor Grace...always a scowl upon her face...knows that she's being presented as a paper tiger of a fool.

Buck up old're a lawyer and can return to your trade.

Those shit bags at Multi Media have no real jobs.

They're just old time "snake oil" selling hustlers.

Anonymous said...

Reject all candidates named Crowley or any endorsed by them. Lancman is the only choice.

Anonymous said...

Lancman is the only choice.

Lancman has been my Assemblyman since McLaughlin's fall - was that 8 years ago? I can't name a single piece of legislation that Lancman has passed or even one accomplishment. That doesn't mean I won't vote for him - but all of the choices in this election are pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

If you can't name one piece of legislation Rory Lancman has authored, you have not done your research. The Assembly website is one place to start.

Anonymous said...

So what identity does
"La China" want to assume?

Anonymous said...

Meng has been duly noted as having been strictly a supporter of her Oriental constituents.

Everyone else can stand in line forever with their issues.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe...
you'll have to bend down a little lower if you want to be at the right height to "bump" Grace in the rear.

Anonymous said...

Say goodnight Gracie...........

Anonymous said...

If you can't name one piece of legislation Rory Lancman has authored, you have not done your research. The Assembly website is one place to start.

State legislators (of both parties) have a habit of introducing bills just so they can put in their newsletters that they introduced those bills, even though there is no chance that the legislature will pass it. I'm more interested to know what legislation he introduced was signed by the governor and became law, not just publicity stunts.

Mr. Bacciagalupe said...

"Meng has been duly noted as having been strictly a supporter of her Oriental constituents.

Everyone else can stand in line forever with their issues"

Ey u bottagotts! U shadduppa u feis!

Ey! Graziell, she's a gonna doa bigga ting fer da mamalukes. Da I AM-a PAC
said-a so. U no, dose 4 giacchierons who walka roun alla da time widda da bigga banner? Ima show-a u ecco la.

Don u no, Marco Polo, he-sa bring-a backa da manigotts from Shina?

Don u no, we gonna haffa bigga party with all dose-a sciaquadells?

Anonymous said...

It looks like those amateur spin doctors at Multi Media have advised Grace Meng to drop her Oriental last name in order to make her more attractive to Occidental voters.

Gracie, you hired the wrong ad agency!

Nusssbaum, nevertheless, will gladly take your money (and daddy's too).

Anonymous said...

Dressed in a sedate pale Celadon green business suit...Meng still looks very uncertain of herself.

Where is that resolute winner's look...a poised jaw line...a keen eyed glance?

She should have dressed up in power red or lucky yellow to boost her morale.

georgetheatheist said...

Open letter to Ann Juliano Jawin, the Founder of the prestigious Queens-based Center for the Women of New York:

Dear Ms Jawin: After watching your June 2010 interview on NY1, I was gratified to learn of your efforts in combatting sex-trafficking in general and especially in our beloved Borough of Queens. As you can see from reading the posts on this, the Queens Crap blog site, the current Queens Assemblywoman Grace Meng (endorsed as a women's advocate by Emily's List) has declared her candidancy for the United States House of Representatives. Assemblywoman Meng has also engaged the consulting services of Mr. Michael Nussbaum, the Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune newspaper. You are certainly well aware of the fact that the Queens Tribune newspaper publishes vile and demeaning-to-women classified sex-trafficking advertising. (Indeed, you hold up in your hands this contemptious publication in your afore-mentioned NY1 interview.) My question to you is, what efforts has your esteemed organization done in attempting to dissuade Assemblywoman Meng, from using the Queens Tribune in furthering her candidacy for higher office and for engaging in this exploitative debasement of women?

PS Best Wishes on your upcoming 25th Gala at the Douglaston Manor. Will Assemblywoman Meng be in attendance?

I'll be damned said...

According to the Center's website, Grace Meng is one of the honorees.

Anonymous said...

By Georgetheatheist - he's done it again. Keep pointing out the hypocrisies of the hypocrites.