Sunday, April 8, 2012

Liu challenges the feds

From the NY Post:

Embattled city Comptroller John Liu is telling federal prosecutors to put up or shut up.

Even though his former campaign treasurer and a campaign donor face federal felony charges, Liu defiantly proclaimed he was “very proud” of his campaign and a staff that “has acted with the highest level of ethics.”

If that weren’t enough to throw down the gauntlet to Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, Liu also asserted that the feds are dragging their feet on the investigation, and suggested they haven’t come up with much beyond unproven allegations.

“If there’s anything that my campaign is guilty of, or my supporters or my staff or, by extension, me — then prove it,” Liu all but dared Bharara on NY1 Wednesday night. The US Attorney’s Office declined to respond.


Anonymous said...

Investigations take time,liu knows that. The feds will not cut corners because liu runs his mouth.They will know be even more vigilant,and when they pounce,liu is done. You don't fvck with the feds.................

Anonymous said...

Still an arrogant pup!

So he thinks he can match wits with the feds?

They've got his associates on tape..."prima face" evidence!

They'll be rolling over on their boss PDQ and spilling all the beans regarding Johnny boy to cut their jail time.

Liu will be out of the picture soon.

But that's not soon enough for me.

I think we're all damned tired of seeing the face of this egotistical Asiatic crook.

Like son.
Joseph Liu was indicted and convicted on federal charges of bank fraud (the Great Eastern Bank job).

The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree of corruption.

John Liu (and his accomplices) had better book a quick trip to Taipei before the indictments roll over them all

Have a nice trip back to the home country...boys and girls...and don't come back1

Anonymous said...

Liu is just whistling past the grave yard.

Liu's political career is already buried.

Liu will never reach the mayor's the victory has already been won.

Liu has already lost face and now he's about to loose his ass!

The feds are just locking up their boiler plate case so that when Mr. Comptroller is finally indicted it won't be thrown out of court.

Anonymous said...

Retry the race card in 5....4...3 .......2........

Anonymous said...

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Doombag's money has had its desired effect thus far on Mr.Bharara.That he is chasing rinkydink allegations of bundled $800 donations to Liu's campaign rather than the laundering of over $1 million through Haggerty and the Independence Party, the wholesale fudging of facts re: crime, education,emergency responseand the effects orf rampant overdevelopment, as well as the buying of an illegal third term and a City Council Slush fund, compounded by perjured testimony, even though immunity was purchased. RICO anyone?

Anonymous said...

John is a disgrace as are all of his supporters and former supporters.

To be frank his current supporters are really, really evil but they’re better than the slugs that have abandoned him.

I don’t accept that there is a human on earth that did not know that John Liu was a very bad person.

Those who supported him did so because they are greedy, selfish pigs who don’t care if the US blows up as long as they get something for themselves.

He’s been a race baiter since day one; he’s never done a decent day’s work on the public payroll, choosing instead to flitter from one “event” to the next just to enhance himself at the expense of the taxpayer.

John Liu sides with bigots like the fans of that bigot Sonny Carson who declared himself “anti-white. Carson asked blacks not to sop at Korean grocers because they don’t “look like us. John supported this anti-White, anti-Asian policy for one reason, and that is that John Liu is deeply evil person.

I have always believed that John Liu is a strong supporter of the dictatorship of Beijing which makes him a traitor to his place of birth (Taiwan) as well as a traitor to the US in my view. He opposes those who yearn for freedom in China and that is because he is evil.

We all know that there have been stories that waiters, busboys and other low-wage earners have donated nearly a thousand dollars to him for eight years now. We all know that could not have happened, more than once on earth if at all.

He’s going down, but one can only hope that his supporters find in their heart to never support anyone else every again. They can never be saved, only we can be saved from them.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Jeff Huang...who's building behind the 17th century landmarked Flushing Quaker Meeting House's graveyard...a bundler for John Liu?

Did he violate election law?

Did he violate any of the 300+ year old Quaker graves with his building project?

Anonymous said...

Liu is playing with fire.

Even before there's an indictment, the feds can anonymously leak some damaging information that reporters can independently verify, and cause further destruction of Liu's image and influence a future jury.

Anonymous said...

My $ is on Bharara! Have you seen how many mobsters this guy has taken down? Makes Guiliani's outstanding prosecution record look dismal. I would watch out Liu, you're playing with the big boys now.

Anonymous said...

"One moment please
(as Charlie Chan might say)
FBI evidence look like lead to my #2 son being crook.

Most unfortunate for family".

Anonymous said...

Liu is the slice of meat in a manwhich...between a rock and a hard place...between the Asian tongs and the feds.

He's got no choice but to dummy up and remain cocky.

If Johnny rats out Mr. Big, he'll be joining the celestial gods.