Monday, April 9, 2012

Jeff Gottlieb thrown in race to split Jewish vote

From True News for Change NYC:

Former Brian McLaughlin, Alan Hevesi, David Weprin and Morton Povman staffer, Jeff Gottlieb, expected to enter the race for congress in the Meng district according to political consultant Jay Golub. Gottlieb will clearly split the Jewish vote with Lancman making county choice Grace Meng a walk in to win.

Jay Golub, who is a consultant for Jeff Gottlieb's congressional run to split the vote in the 6th, is president of GSP consultants. Golub GSP Consulting was paid $4,500 by the Ragusa faction of the Queens GOP against the Haggerty faction. Steven Graves was running in the 25AD for State Committee as part of the Ragusa faction in 2009. Also working for GSP is Dennis Gallager, who the NYP calls the "Perv pol." Gallagher, who stepped down in 2008 after pleading guilty to sexual-abuse charges stemming from accusations that he raped a woman in his Middle Village office, is listed on a city government database as an “additional lobbyist” with GSP Consulting. Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.” Michael Nussbaum, Meng's campaign consultant, also worked on the 2009 Peter Koo campaign. Golub also worked on the campaign for Issac Sasson. In both the Koo campaign and the Sasson campaign, Nussbaum's Multi Media company did the printing.

And speaking of Gallagher, guess who he was hanging out with on Easter eve?

None other than Council Member and GOP congressional candidate Dan Halloran! Dan was hosting karaoke at a Whitestone pub, and posted photos of the merriment on Facebook.

For some reason, the last photo was mysteriously deleted from the Councilman's page early on Easter Sunday. Too bad for them that I had already seen it and downloaded it.

Queens Dems & Queens GOP: it's just one big embarrassing hack orgy, isn't it?

Which brings us back to Gottlieb:

From City Hall:

He is currently an employee at the Board of Elections, a patronage position. And the Flushing resident has literally has come out of nowhere to run for Congress: He has no federal campaign account, no campaign website and waited several weeks into petitioning into order to begin.

In addition, Queens Democratic sources said that before Gottlieb entered the race, Meng backers attempted to recruit Matt Silverstein, a Democratic state committeeman who is also Jewish, to run for the congressional seat in order to split the Jewish vote.


Anonymous said...

Dan Halloran hired former Gallagher staffer Linda Metzger who is still close to the Pink Perv. Anyone who would hire the granny rapist or anyone associated with him is unfit for office.

And as for Jeff Gottlieb, the best way to describe him: a waste of a space.

Anonymous said...

What is the quid pro quo for Golub and Pinky to be running Gottlieb's campaign? Well let's see...Golub is running a congressional campaign for Dilan in Brooklyn. Perhaps in exchange for helping Reich/Bolz/Crowley to split the Jewish vote against Lancman they get help against Nydia Valasquez. Perhaps they get their preferred 16th SD candidate Messer a smooth path to the nomination. Very clearly there are many more layers to this onion to be peeled.

As for Gottlieb, quite a resume. McLaughlin, Hevesi and now a hack at the BOE. Yep, much better than Lancman.

Anonymous said...

Why Lancman can nominate a straw Asian candidate against Meng to counter this Manchurian Gottlieb. The more the merrier.

Here's a better idea- hold a debate already- Lancman would wash the floor with Meng, Crowley and Gottlieb.

Anonymous said...

Halloran hanging out with a convicted confessed rapist? What in th world is going on in this guys head? As for Linda why and how could she be still close to this POS? What a crowd walking around these parts as of late.

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb is
a brilliant beacon of extreme mediocrity. To refer to him as a simple hack would not be doing him justice.

So, that's it folks...better get out the cocoa butter ointment... because we're all getting gang f----d in the tookas by the county machine!

I'll vote for Lancman in the primary anyway.

But if it winds up being Halloran vs Meng in the general run off...I'd rather flush my ballot down the toilet than vote for either.

That will be my first time in over 45 years that I will not be voting.

I convey my regrets to our nation's founders.

Anonymous said...

Good grief...
this is what the Queens Republican party has to offer us?

No wonder Crowley's thugs can run the borough without a peep of protest.

Why bother holding any elections at all when the Great Democratic Dictatorship of Queens slam dunks it in every time?

Let "Virginia" Joe just appoint his office holders and save us all some time and money.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Dan...
buttoning up your sport coat won't hide your beer belly from the chicks.

Be proud and let it all hang out...
your tummy that is.

Please do keep your fly zipped up.

That's what got your pal Dennis Gallagher in a lot of trouble.

I'm surprised that Dennis is going for the younger girls.

Isn't he more into chubbys and grannys?

Anonymous said...

What CD-6 needs is a Hispanic candidate, a Korean candidate, an African-American candidate, a Indian candidate, and another Asian candidate (but non-Chinese, non-Korean, non-Indian) -- I say let's have the full rainbow.

Gary the Agnostic said...

And they haven't even started to challenge the petitions yet.

georgetheatheist said...

"For some reason, the last photo was mysteriously deleted from the Councilman's page early on Easter Sunday. Too bad for them that I had already seen it and downloaded it."

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It's the Crapman.

With his diligent digital downloading.

They can run, but they cannot hide.

Where else do you get the real Queens news, folks?

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Gottlieb is a great guy. Not some hack political patron.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Gottlieb is a great guy. Not some hack political patron.


County must feel REALLY threatened by Lancman: they put up not one (Dizzy Lizzy Crowley) but two (Jeff Gottlieb) straw candidates for Congress.

Jeff Gottlieb is the ORIGINAL party hack.

Jeff has bounced around from one political office to another for more than 30 years...several of those jobs were with very corrupt elected officials - Hevesi and McLaughlin - who are doing multiple-year terms in the pokey.

It is clear that County (meaning Virginia Joe) told him to run for Congress against Rory to try to drain off Jewish votes in this race or he would never get a job as a staffer ever again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember "The Flintstones"?

LOL...'til I piss my pants!

Tell me that "doofy" Dan Halloran doesn't look like the spittin' image of "Barney Rubble".

Anonymous said...

Mid life crisis Halloran looking like an ass as usual.

C'mon Danny much did you and Dennis have to pay these hookers to pose with you jerk wads?

Wait until these babes eventually get a gander of their 4" Irish curses.

They'll run to the bar for a knockwurst

Anonymous said...

If Gilbert Gottfried wants to run too...

Anonymous said...

Liz Crowley's so stupid she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan...
better have your tailor let your jacket out.

Those buttons are about to pop and hit a patron in the eye.

Anonymous said...


Liz Crowley...
on her knees behind the bar or on her knees behind Brian Mc Laughlin's desk.

they say it's an ill wind that blows no good.


What a pro!
Where did ya learn all those moves Liz?

Anonymous said...

There they are...the two tenors... giving Queens a bung job!

Anonymous said...

Past I heard the Republicans approached Al Centola against Dans wishes to run against Vallone when Dan wins Congress in order to split the Italian vote the way Paul did to Jerry.

Like Dans going to win Congress.

Why against Dans wishes you ask? Wait and see, wait and see.

a political insider said...

Even while Jeff Gottlieb was chief of staff to the rich and powerful Morty Povman, he didn't know how to wipe his own ass without Mort's coaching.

To call Jeff a jerk-wad would be a compliment.

He's really more of a jerk-dribble!

Anonymous said...

Dan looks ecstatic,
while those (not-so-young looking) Gambino-goombah chicks he's with,
look like they're stoned on ecstasy.

it would take more than a few beers to transform him into a stud muffin in any female's eyes.

Anonymous said...

No matter who wins what in Queens...WE'RE ALL F-----G DOOMED!

Anonymous said...


When your doomed you either drink yourself into oblivion or pick up the 'ol service revolver.

In the meantime,
"What's to do about it...let's turn out the lights and go to sleep"...
(from an old depression era tune).


Anonymous said...

If I were the republicans I'd get rid of Halloran, Padavan and ol' Phil and go with winners like Alfedo Centola, but I doubt Centola would hook up with that crew, he's too independent.