Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home or junkyard?

From the Queens Chronicle:

Green couch cushions covering a car in the driveway, large empty flower pots, a pile of unknown items under a blue tarp and a stack of metal along the side entrance — these are just some of the things outside a house in Rosedale. Neighbors say they have been complaining to the city about the unsightly mess, but have made no progress, and have given up hope.

When questioned about her house at 243-14 132 Road, owner Elaine Ranger and her daughter, who would not give her name, said they are in the process of spring cleaning and maintain that most of the items on the property are useful and the rest is just awaiting pickup by the city Department of Sanitation.

“A lot of this stuff is going out. You have things over time, you change out,” Ranger’s daughter said. “If you had come here last week you would have seen a lot of things were taken away as garbage.”

But several neighbors say there have been piles of rubbish outside the house ever since Ranger moved in — and they have pictures to prove it.

“It’s been hell for the last 10 years,” said H. Gardner, who lives next door, adding “It’s changed my whole quality of life. I can’t use my yard. ... Neighbors have come and cussed me out thinking that I live there.”

Several people complained about Ranger’s seven dogs, which they say are often allowed to run loose in the neighborhood — something Ranger denies — knocking over trash cans, defecating on people’s lawns and in one case biting an elderly man who lived in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

In some Queens neighborhoods, clean garbage like this might be an improvement over what's visible now.

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse stuff at some flea markets with high price tags attached.