Sunday, April 1, 2012

Charter school opening at Christ the King

From the Forum:

The public got a glimpse Tuesday night of the intermediate charter school that could open at Christ the King Regional High School by the 2013 school year.

If approved by the Department of Education (DOE), the Middle Village Preparatory Charter School could take 360 students into a intense study program featuring double math and English periods plus three years of Latin.

At Tuesday’s public hearing on the proposed school, Michael Michel, president of Christ the King Regional High School (CTK), outlined the plan.

The prep school would be designed to help kids get into the specialized high school of their choice by giving them a strong math and English foundation.

He touted the idea for using space that’s currently available and unused in the 280,000 square foot CTK campus to house kids from crowded District 24.

“By us taking some students that will help alleviate some space,” he said.

Michael Michel, president of Christ The King Regional High School, briefed Community Education Council 24 and the public about plans to start a charter school in the high school's building.

Eventually the school would house 360 students. The first year would start with 120 sixth-graders and add a new crop each year for two years.

The local Community Education Council 24 mostly threw their support behind the idea.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great, except for the Latin.

Anonymous said...

I would be hard pressed to see how CTK will survive. It has a mediocre reputation yet alone mixing it up with public school in the same building. My guess the city will eventually lease the entire building and this will provide funds for the remaining Catholic schools that remain or thriving.

Anonymous said...

Christ the King can expect to close eventually if they allow a charter to share space in their building. That's what charters do. They push out the existing school and steal resources. The tuition-paying parents are going to be very upset with this. Christ the King will lose students.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the parents of the future charter school enrollees get wind of the trainloads of municipal waste and the occasional radioactive stuff parked in the train yard behind the school they won't be so keen on the idea.

Joe said...

What is the reason for teaching three years of Latin ?
I an engineer who attended Brooklyn Tech (AKA chi-town university) and 6 months at MIT (couldn't stand the nonstop liberal propaganda & talking sh*t) however I didn't need Latin to land a job as an engineer nor be accepted to those schools.

Neither the English language nor it grammar derives from Latin.
French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian = Derived from Latin =

--Does the Vatican and Catholic diocese want a piece of these children of mostly illegal immigrants and extended family's that bad ?

BTW: I know about this stuff (and bullshit) I'm just dyslexic and cant really input via a keyboard.


Queens Crapper said...

It will be a public school. Latin is used in science and law.

Anonymous said...

My daughter attends Christ The King and she receives a fine education. My younger daughter will be attending in the fall. I would rather send my kids to CK than many of the public high schools available to them. Yes there are some great public high schools in NY but getting into one of them is like getting into Harvard or Yale. Let's go CK!

Anonymous said...

its all over for new york state, who ever is left take flight like the rest of us did

Anonymous said...

"What is the reason for teaching three years of Latin ?"

Latin is the root language of all the romance languages (French, Italian Etc.) Many of our English words have their origins in Latin. Teaching Latin has nothing to do with religion.

Anonymous said...

I never understood the mindset of paying for school when there is a great free option.

I went to NYC public school, graduated at the top of my class, and got several scholarship offers.

Here is a tip, parents: Its not the school you send them to that is important, is how good of a parent you are. If you know what the hell you are doing with your kid, they will succeed anywhere.

From speaking with friends i know who went to CTK/Martin Luther/etc, the only thing i missed out on in those schools was the heavy drinking and drug use. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

"By us taking some students that will help alleviate some space,” he said.

OH YEAH there is a clear need for instruction in the english language.

Latin is important for the cognates - but not three years worth. When I studied Latin the Regents was given at the end of the second year; continued study was done if you wanted to SPECIALIZE in Latin (language, culture), as opposed to the use of Latin in the modern world.

Anonymous said...

CTK has always been a horrible school. If you didn't make it into SFP you went there.They would take anyone.