Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 lbs of sausage in a 1 lb bag!

From the Daily News:

Recent Queens population statistics show the borough is growing despite a lackluster showing in the 2010 Census.

Officials say the new numbers boost their claim the Census count was flawed.

From April 2010 to July 2011, the population of Queens grew by 17,126, according to data released last week but the U.S. Census Bureau.

The new figures place the population of Queens at 2,247,848.

Census results released last year stated the population grew by just 1,343 from 2000 to 2010.

It was flawed because of sanctuary city policies and tone of illegal conversions. But let's blame it on incompetence instead.


Anonymous said...

If your illegal your going to not take place in any census or counting, right? Another issue is illegal housing holding folks.

Queens gets screwed at every turn.

Anonymous said...

"Census results released last year stated the population grew by just 1,343 from 2000 to 2010."
- - - -- -
By how much did the voting registrations grow in ten years?

Anonymous said...

"5 lbs of sausage in a 1 lb bag!"

Are you talking about the county itself , or the new people in the county?

Why is it that all the south american women are 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide?

Anonymous said...

Because their eating real good off the American Taxpayers !!! Can anyone say LOTTERY BABIES !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say more like shit!

Anonymous said...

What's the net increase in AFDC, SNAP (what the taxpayers call "Food Stamps"), public school enrollment?

Is getting those numbers too much to ask of either the pols quoted in this article, or the intrepid Daily News reporter?