Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wyckoff Hospital under investigation

From the NY Times:

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office has been looking into management practices at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a money-losing hospital serving mostly poor patients, several hospital trustees said Wednesday.

The investigation, which has been going on for several months, is focused on the relationship between hospital officials and a Caribbean medical school in which the officials had a financial stake, the trustees said.

It has also been looking at whether Rajiv Garg, the hospital’s chief executive until he was abruptly replaced early last week, had been improperly reimbursed by the hospital for expenses that included a first-class plane ticket to London and a holiday party that he hosted with his wife at the Lambs Club, a fashionable restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, the trustees said.

Several trustees said the district attorney’s office had subpoenaed records, including payroll documents and contracts, and had invited various hospital officials into the to talk. But it was unclear Wednesday whether any criminal behavior was suspected, or whether officials had broken hospital rules. A spokesman for Charles J. Hynes, the district attorney, declined to comment.

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Louis Flores said...

But what is an investigation going to prove ? Prosecutors were supposedly "investigating" whether officials at St. Vincent's Hospital intentionally ran it into the ground, so that the Rudin family could buy it all up -- for pennies on the dollar. What happened to the St. Vincent's investigation ? Is the Wyckoff investigation going to lead to anything ? On a related note, where is the State Department of Health ? Why is it always way too late for hospitals, which get mismanaged ? What is the role of the State Department of Health ? Does Albany only get involved when there are alleged bribes exchanging hands, or when it is finally time to close up a hospital ?