Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vito project gets dealt a blow

From the Daily News:

A judge slammed the breaks on the city’s controversial plan to build housing at Williamsburg’s Broadway Triangle Wednesday.

Opponents went to court to block the massive housing project, charging it illegally favored Hasidic families over blacks and Latinos.

“The Court agrees,” Judge Emily Goodman wrote in an injunction halting the project, saying the development “will not only not foster integration of the neighborhood, but it will perpetuate segregation in the Broadway Triangle.”

The city tapped the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council and the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg - two nonprofits with close ties to Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, who made Broadway Triangle a pet project - to build about 1800 apartments on the mostly-barren 31-acre stretch near the Bedford Stuyvesant border.

Opponents objected that the plans for large apartments in low-rise buildings, and a special preference for residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint that didn’t include nearby Bedford Stuyvesant, illegally favored Hasidic residents who often have large families and can’t use elevators on the sabbath.


King Ning said...

"Brakes", not "Breaks".

FlushingRepresenter said...

"can’t use elevators on the sabbath"

I cant sleep without my nightlight because the boogieman might get me.

Anonymous said...

Why do we let the backwards savages do as they please?

How can anyone take someone seriously who believes in such fairytale nonsense???

Anonymous said...

FlushingRepresenter -

That may explain a few things.

Anonymous said...

Backward savages??? That's not a nice way to talk about your family, you anti-semitic CRETIN.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Backward savages.

Anyone who thinks they cant touch a light switch on certain days of the week because the invisible sky-wizard will get mad at them, are backwards. Its insulting to humanity.

This is true for all religious nut-jobs (mormons " cant drink coffee!", christians "no meat on a friday!", etc)

They are all a joke.