Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet deal for Donald

From the Daily News:

Looks like the Donald trumped the city in bidding for a 20-year deal to run a $97 million taxpayer-funded public golf course long considered a Bronx boondoggle.

Under a proposed deal with the Parks Department, the oft-delayed 18-hole course will bear the billionaire developer’s name when it opens in spring 2014: Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park.

For its first four years of operation, he will have no financial obligation to the city — and in year five, the compensation will only be $300,000, the Daily News found.

In contrast, a hot dog vendor agreed three years ago to pay the city more than $600,000 annually for a lease to peddle tube steaks outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A review of the proposed Trump agreement also shows “The Apprentice” puppet-master received city approval to run the public course as a part-time private playground.

The ex-presidential hopeful would control 20% of the weekday tee times for private use without any Parks Department oversight.


Anonymous said...

Sweet deal? What deal - it's a give-away!

It's outragious that Bloomberg gives away the store on this world class golf course, one of the very few that is truly magnificent!

Anonymous said...

It's not what you deserve, it's what you negotiate.

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Anonymous said...

There is no golf course, but there will be. I have played on Trump courses, and even thought he is a full of crap,self promoter. He does have good people running his courses. The other company couldn't complete a mini golf course

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Anonymous said...

A real sweet deal: Some years ago, then Mayor Dinkins gave Flushing Meadows parkland to the USTA to build a new stadium and additional tennis courts, in a 99-year lease for $400K/year rent. Despite incoming mayor Giuliani plea not to sign the deal until he reviews it, Dinkins signed the agreement on his last day in office. Dinkins, a tennis fan, was then named a USTA Board member.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I grew up about 3 quarters of a mile from there before my family moved to Queens.

As kids we used to watch the department of sanitation trucks dump loads of garbage there daily.

Gulls would swoop down and catch some tasty morsels before they hit the ground.

A golf course built over a toxic waste and organic landfill?

It stinks!

Another boondoggle brought to you by one of Bloomberg's boys.

World class? My ass!

Anonymous said...

World class? My ass!

That's poetry to my ears!

Anonymous said...

did you know that the WOLLMAN skate rink in central park is actually named TRUMP-WOLLMAN SKATING RINK ?
It opened in 1949.My pals and i were in the first group to skate there.

when Mayor Ed Koch's administration attempted to renew the ice making system, they screwed it up so badly,that the rink was not used for eight years.

Koch, hesitantly allowed Trump to repair it . the kids were skating again IN FOUR MONTHS....

Anonymous said...

btw: kate wollman ,administered the fortune of her brother Wm.Wollman , a nyc and kansas city financial stock expert, donating to the rink development.

she also financed her great nephew's education, Henry Wollman Bloch. the BLOCK TAX BUSINESS.

Hundreds of thousands of nyc teens and adults,from all classes have enjoyed the skating rink

class warfare against the producers in this Nation is counter productive.do not believe the Marxist B/S.