Sunday, January 1, 2012

Packing them in at Woodside school

From the Daily News:

A western Queens parents group plans to push the city to build additions at two overcrowded elementary schools where the the lack of space is so severe that students are studying in hallways or in a leaky modular unit.

Community Education Council District 30 will present its concerns about Public School 11, in Woodside, and PS 2, in Jackson Heights, to the city on Jan. 6 in its annual recommendations to the School Construction Authority.

But the city has no plans for any “significant” building additions at this time, a Department of Education official said.

It’s gotten so bad that PS 11 received a city Buildings Department violation this year for obstructing hallways with tables and chairs after a leak in a classroom was reported, a city education department official confirmed.


Anonymous said...

What- they couldn't cram a few charter schools in there,too? Slackers!

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I'm sure that it's the teachers' fault!

Anonymous said...

Trick question: as schools are like this, can anyone tell us why Jimmy No Brainer not only likes to pose with developers, but his district is one of the fastest growing ones in the city?

And what will his buddies in Sunnyside and Woodside say when they hear that Queens West is getting new schools - for people that either just moved here ... or don't even live here yet?

Steve P said...

Why should we invest money in teaching these anchor babies? These people are not the immigrants of old. A while ago immigrants came here and built this city, committed no crime, and because a part of this country and advanced. Now we are importing a bunch of unsophisticated low level capitalists who know one the apple for 10 and sell it for 11. They live in horrible illegal dwellings which they refuse to even clean up. Do they pay taxes? Fuhgetaboutit.

My mother came here in 1950 as a child with her parents. They lived in an apartment and then a single family house. They kept their homes clean and had no weird smell coming out of them. My father came here in 1959 and lived in a two bedroom apartment with his brother, then bought a single family house when he married my mother. Look back on those houses and apartments. The filth that comes here now would have 12 guys living where my father and uncle lived when single. They would have 20 or more various people coming and going in one of those houses owned by my parents or grandparents. And those dwellings would be filthy with weird garbage cooking all day and a boom box blaring weird music all day.

Queens already has sealed off neighborhoods where decent people would never live, let alone send their child to school. Don't waste taxpayer money.