Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marty wants Coney casino

From The Brooklyn Paper:

Borough President Markowitz wants to see casinos on Coney Island if Gov. Cuomo makes good on his plan to legalize table gaming in the state.

“Casino gambling ... would bring jobs and revenue to potential locations in New York City, especially Coney Island, which is a natural,” Markowitz said in a release.

In the latest lofty vision for a revitalized Coney Island, gambling would help draw visitors to an area that the city hopes to turn into a glitzy, year-round recreation destination boasting amusements, restaurants, arcades and hotels.

But other community leaders say casinos are too much of a gamble to endorse.

“I just want to make sure that people in the community don’t get hurt,” said Councilman Dominic Recchia (D–Coney Island) “People get addicted to gambling; it’s a problem.”

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D–Sheepshead Bay) cited a 1999 study that found areas within 50 miles of casinos have a 50 percent greater instance of gambling addiction and an 18 percent higher bankruptcy rate.


Anonymous said...

Bring it on - get rid of the Mob taking an illegal handle - put gambling profit into State coffers instead.

Anonymous said...

I prefer roller coasters to slot machines.

Anonymous said...

It's the Atlantic City Model: Shitty neighborhood dead (Or dying) amusement area, revitalized by gambling. The only people who do well in this are the casinos. Next time you're in AC, ask the dealers, croupiers etc where they're originally from, most are from out west originally. The big lie with casino gambling is that the area picks up jobs, the neighborhood is improved etc. Look out the back window of Bally's A.C. for the real truth. A shithole slum to rival any in the Country.

Kevin Walsh said...

The Poor People's Tax.

Why should I give my money to Donald Trump? He has billions, already.

Anonymous said...

Old news Marty!

Back (I believe) in the 70s a man named (I believe) Bullard wanted to use faltering Coney Island as a posh major casino destination.

He had all the financial backing, etc. in place to do it.

It never happened.

Uh....Bullard happened to be "dark skinned".

Could that have been the problem?

Now a "White" Jewish boro prez suggests the same.

Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Actually, at this point, Rockaway would be a much better location for
opulent upscale gambling hotels served by cruise ships, etc.

That's about the only thing that will rescue it long term...and the money could be used locally to support its comeback as a casino-resort spot.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Anon, Rockaway, doesn't need a casino to be rescued, all it needs is for the city to stop flooding it with subsidized taxpayers and maybe some infrastructure improvements; I understand the homeless, the mentally handicapped, and those down on their luck need to go somewhere but seriously the city needs to spread them out a bit. It is very difficult to find people who want to come in and renovate a neighborhood when you have scores of troubled people wandering aroung mumbling to themselves, panhandling and committting other quality of life infractions.

Anonymous said...

Another Brooklyn story! We've got mobsters digging in their heels in Whitestone crappy and we need to hear about Brooklyn's problems!