Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Liu raises funds but doesn't pay bills

From the NY Times:

Since his election to the city comptroller position in 2009, Mr. Liu has showered people and groups with official commendations, handing out more than 760 — with nearly one-quarter of the recipients connected to his political campaign, according to an analysis conducted by The New York Times.

A Liu donor who runs a business importing hair from China to make wigs got one. So did a travel agent who has booked busloads of gamblers on trips to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut and backed Mr. Liu’s campaigns. Then there is the hotel developer in Chinatown, another loyal contributor, who collected three Liu commendations within six months.

The pace with which Mr. Liu is bestowing the awards — more than one a day — and the priority he gives to such ceremonies suggest a political outreach effort as much as an official duty. While other officials might send the commendations along in the mail, he personally delivers most of them, in every borough, posing for photos with recipients and building good will at the events.

Those being honored sometimes have only vague connections to Mr. Liu’s job as the top fiscal watchdog for the city. But they could be crucial constituencies in any citywide campaign: black churches, labor unions and influential political leaders.

One Chinese-American donor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the continuing investigation said that the commendations — printed on high-quality paper with a prominent backdrop of the city seal and italicized lettering — were especially coveted in the Chinese-American community, where they are viewed as evidence of success or access to power.

From NY1:

City Comptroller John Liu's 2013 campaign account may be the subject of a federal investigation, but that does not mean he has stopped fundraising.

For his 45th birthday, Liu hosted a Monday fundraiser at the aptly named City Hall Restaurant in TriBeCa, with the hopes of raising $100,000 during the event.

"I came tonight cause I know John Liu is a good man," said Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm. "He's done a lot of good for the city. I've been friends with him for almost 20 years."

High-profile politicos made a appearance, like former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. and some of the city's major union leaders.

From the NY Post:

Whoa! John Liu is the fellow who oversees billions in tax dollars — and he can’t be trusted to pay a $500 Con Ed bill?

Or to clear up an equally piddling $943 in unpaid state payroll taxes from his 2009 campaign for city comptroller?

This guy’s contempt for the responsibilities of his office — to say nothing of the law itself — borders on breathtaking.

Con Edison has filed two lawsuits against Liu’s deadbeat campaign committee, People for John Liu, and now the state Department of Taxation has gone to court for its cash, as well.

Sure, the sums are tiny compared to the $120 billion in city pension funds that Liu helps steer — but sometimes it’s the little things that shout the loudest.

Not that there’s any lack of evidence as to Liu’s lack of fitness for the office he holds.


Anonymous said...

The Comptroller of any City should not be spending a lot of time passing out "Commendations". If they find some need to do so it ought to be a Commendation for following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). He is not the Mayor, he is not the City Council so there is no reason for "commendations" from his "honor".

Liu passed out over 760 Commendations in less than two years, why?

Who does this cat think he is Marie Antoinette?

I have seen recently a report that John Liu attended over 200 “events” in one month. That’s more than SIX A DAY every day of the week. That cannot be done unless many are done during business hours.

When does John Liu sit at his desk and do the quite work of the Comptroller of New York City? He ought to be studying the entire American Economy to better know where to invest NYC Pension Funds. This is not a chatty job; it’s studious and requires dedication and silent work. Liu has an obligation to sit at his desk at least seven hours a day, at least five days a week. To do less is to steal from the taxpayer.

Clearly Liu does not deserve a Commendation for the hard work he does and he has no business taking a salary or credit for the work that others in the office are doing.


Anonymous said...

Right out of the 1930s...
the "yellow peril" strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Liu even presented a commendation to a prominent civic leader's deceased husband at his funeral.

He just popped in and his ego took over for a few moments.

Some cheek!

Anonymous said...

This arrogant pup (Tommy Huang's cousin) needs to be leashed to a wall in a jail cell!

Anonymous said...

High finance and cheapskate...LOL!

I'm rolling in the aisles!

Anonymous said...

Liu's cousin
was a tax, etc. deadbeat too.

Uh...that's Tommy Huang, of course.

What a lying, corrupt shady family.

And let's not forget "daddy" Liu who was convicted on federal bank fraud charges (The Great Eastern Bank job)!

Anonymous said...

Of course Dromm praises Liu.

Danny's a bonafide "suck-up".

And Liu....he hasn't come out of the "closet" yet.

Anonymous said...

Another Liu-Liu...
shifty and shady, as usual!

But he'll go under soon.

Everybody from the lowest to the highest are after his ass!

Liu might not do jail time but both his careers are over...political and financial!

Maybe Hop Sing's take-out needs a delivery boy.

They can put his chubby mug on their menus.

Anonymous said...

Which City or State pol does not pass out "commendations?" They all do it! They hand out commendations to organizations and individuals where they calculate there are photo-ops to be gained.

Anonymous said...

Who did Great Eastern Bank give more than a few mortgages to:

You got it: Tommy and Alice

Who can fill out (or should we say barely fill out); file and get passed the NYC Dept. of Finance -- tax report forms where most, if not all, of the **REQUIRED** information is left BLANK.

georgetheatheist said...

When Liu hands them that high fallutin piece of paper, does he supply the frame or do the recipients have to buy their own?

Anonymous said...

Liu will be special guest at 109th Precinct Community meeting this evening (1/11). Mr. Comptroller requests your attendance.

Anonymous said...

a media official reported to me that next to DEMOCRAT U.S.SENATOR C.SCHUMER, John Liu, while CM, issued the most press releases in N.Y.C.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who asks what POL does not pass out "commendations"..

I'm sure you're a nice person but you kind of missed the entire point of the article.

760 Commendations in two years is the topic. That is beyond saying nice-nice to some deserving soul.

It's a FULL-TIME Job.

3% of new Yorkers voted John Liu to actually HAVE a full-time job and that is to be the Comptroller (CFO) of the City of New York.

Let Miss America do her job and tell Liu to BEGIN to do his.

Adam said...

So Quinn can dole out the lulu's, while John gets hung out to dry for for his community awards?

Yea, she's never done anything questionable at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adam,

What's your point?

This has nothing to do with Quinn, the story is about John Liu.


Anonymous said...

Adam's point is that he has a learning and comprehension disability.

These are the prerequisites for becoming a legend in your own mind.

It's quite clear that Adam
has already become the boob of the blog-o-sphere.

Eve said...


Hey Adam,
here's your rib back!

I'd rather not exist than be made from a part of you.

Anonymous said...

constant campaigning for the next election, while enabling the city and nation to go broke ,must be in the DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN'S D.N.A. !

Anonymous said...

Liu continues to campaign just like Nero continued fiddling in the midst of a firestorm.

What we all should be watching out for is WHO WILL BE LIU'S REPLACEMENT after his career is over!


Watch who the Democratic machine supports...particularly Senator Toby Ann Stavisky.

Her "North Flushing Senior Center"
gets more funding than God!

At least a half a million dollars a year from HER discretionary funds alone!

Could it be a political money laundry?

It'll all come out in the wash soon when the feds follow the side trails in this Liu investigation.

Better buy another bottle of Kaopectate senator!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu is still paying off his crooked father's defense attorney (the Great Eastern Bank job) and needs every nickel he can get!

"Daddy" Joe was convicted of bank fraud.

And #1 son Liu-ie "the liar", a deadbeat and cheat, gets to become NYC Comptroller!

Go figure!

Anonymous said...

How many New Year "red envelopes" does it take to get a framed commendation from Liu?

And how much "benevolence" from those 100 year old Chinese "benevolent" societies does it take to keep on buying Congressman Ackerman?

Anonymous said...

Paying bills is ONLY for the little people.


Anonymous said...

Liu met with the Chinese communist factions but refused to talk to Faulin Gong (Daffa) people when "the troubles" hit Flushing.

He's a Chi-com thief and deserves a Maoist "exit"...a "coup de grace" and his family pays for the bullet!

There are some very stupid voters in NYC for Liu to have gotten this far.

Anonymous said...

It's time for a face lift John.

You're beginning to look like a rubber doll's ass.

Anonymous said...

A wannabee dragon?

For Liu it's the year of the worm.

And those hungry federal birds are up early every morning.

Bravo, FBI!

Keep on following the Asiatic money trail.

Maybe that elusive "big fish" Ackerman will soon be caught!

Anonymous said...

"Tom (Huang) and Johnny (Liu)"...
sounds like a pair
of crooked cartoon cousins.

Donald Manes opened up some door when he brought the Oriental swindlers into Flushing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mr. comptroller's legal expenses are these days.

Maybe that's why
he's still fund raising.

Perhaps the Wilpons will host an event for him at City Field just like they did to bail out "granny" Shulman.

In the meantime, keep those lunar new year red envelopes coming in.

Tommy Huang's cousin Johnny boy will be needing every one of them.

Anonymous said...

lunar new year is approaching.

I wonder if Liu will be the grand marshal in the parade going down Main Street this year.

Imagine him sitting on a golden throne flanked by imperial dragons on a "float-a-loan" float for Liu.


I think I just pissed myself laughing.

Anonymous said...