Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liu appointed dynasty tweeder to pension post

Photo from Facebook

From the NY Post:

Comptroller John Liu has promoted a politically connected Democratic Party official from Queens as one of his top pension bosses — a move that government watchdogs say could be a violation of city rules.

John Dorsa, a state committee representative to New York’s Democratic Party and a co-founder of the Democratic club on Liu’s home turf in Flushing, has been quietly appointed to associate director of pensions in the Comptroller’s Office.

Liu also tapped Dorsa to serve as one of his representatives, or designated trustees, to the city’s largest pension board, the New York City Employees Retirement System.

The powerful board sets pension policy.

Dorsa’s dual roles as a pension boss and a Democratic Party official raise questions about whether he and Liu are complying with the City Charter, which bars city policy-makers from simultaneously holding party leadership positions.

“No elected official, deputy mayor, deputy to a city-wide or boroughwide elected official, head of an agency, or other public servant who is charged with substantial policy discretion...may be a member of the national or state committee of a political party,” Section 15 of the charter states.

Government-watchdog groups said the promotion looks fishy and at the very least violates the spirit of the City Charter.

Shortly after becoming comptroller, Liu visited the Dorsa-founded William J. Clinton Democratic club. He and other members greeted the comptroller, a former local councilman and club member, like a hero, according to press accounts.

Wait, isn't the William J. Clinton Democratic Club the one that meets at Vallone & Vallone? So John Liu = John Dorsa + Paul Vallone + Chuck Apelian. This "John Liu is a saint" testimonial nonsense by brother Peter suddenly makes a whole lot of sense:

Outspoken supporters like City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) are going to stick by Liu to ride out the political mayhem.

“John Liu is a standup guy,” said Vallone, who also serves as the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, and mentioned John Liu as a man of principal. “I remember when Liu said he wouldn’t run again when term limits were overturned, and he didn’t,” said the Councilman who recalled his election in the same year Liu was elected as Comptroller...“I’m sure he’s going to get through this.”

Liu didn't run for his council seat again because he ran for comptroller with the ultimate goal of running for mayor. It's easy to be in favor of keeping term limits at two when you have no intention of running for the same office a third time. Alas, this is what passes for integrity these days.


Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like Ray Romano should be in this picture?

Anonymous said...

Yup, those damn repubs are really corrupt.

Anonymous said...

was not that wonderful man of the queens community Brian Mc Glaughlin,ex -electrician union and nys dem. assemblyman, the leader of the W.J.Clinton democratic club ?

Oh! pardon me my mistake,delete WONDERFUL and insert CROOKED......

Adam said...

It's important to mention that the Clinton Democratic club volunteers and performs more community service than many of the other clubs in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Apelian and Liu are neighbors + Apelian is Liu's printer of choice + Apelian is Paul Vallone's campaign manager and the beat goes on......And I almost forgot to mention that Adam's Rib is a Vallone shill.

Anonymous said...

Who is Brian McGlaughlin? There was a Brian McLaughlin, but he's in the slammer now.

Anonymous said...

It figures!

Is this the late Judge Dorsa's son?

Anonymous said...

Which pol doesn't appoint pals or relatives to paid jobs? don't they all do it?

Anonymous said...

Is "Adam" that...LOL...idiot political blogster with the "chocolate" coated clubhouse nose?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed "Adam"...
we're sure that the William Jefferson Clinton Democratic Club performs a multitude of "services".

Might it be more to crooked pols seeking laundered overseas Chinese campaign contributions?

None of this 11th hour crap will pull John Liu out of the fire.

It will only serve to sauce him well...while he slowly turns on the barbecue spit.

Maybe some of the Clinton Club's members will wind up taking the fall along with Liu.

Their wunderkind, Mc Lauglin got jailed!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Dorsa family also heavily involved in the activities of nearby St. Andrew Avelino Church?

We know that the late Joe Dorsa once ran for city council.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it look like the old Italian political mobsters might have cut a deal with their Asiatic factions, in return for laundered Yuan from the Orient?

I hope the ongoing Liu investigation splits open Joe Crowley's shady Democratic machine!

One thing for sure...
if Liu goes he will certainly be followed by others.

The over-ripe fruit is already beginning to drop from the tree of corruption with increasing frequency!

Anonymous said...

As soon as Obama is gone things will improve.

At least the wealthier Republicans don't need laundered cash from Taiwan to stoke their campaigns.

They've got their own American Dollars.

The Stavisky, Vallone dynasties will eventually lose their balls!

Yes...Toby Ann has quite a pair!

Anonymous said...

Maybe more like a "Ray" (LOL)
Gambino is in the picture.

La Famiglia...
the familiar face of local politics.

The Beechurst-Malba boys reach out for more.

Anonymous said...

Adam good work on your blog. I did not know all that stuff about parkside corruption until I read your articles. Adam's apartment in bayside the Center for the Reformation of Queens.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you Adam for exposing Parkside corruption in your blog. We Queens Crap readers had no idea! Bwa ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Sneaky sneaky chinesey.

This isn't Beijing. You cant just do what you want (at least, not while being so obvious about it).

Anonymous said...

Well, anyone here who has been complaining about how retired cops, teachers and firemen are living like fat hogs off their pension, fear not. This is a giant step towards completely destroying their pension funds. It is a safe bet that those pension funds will be wiped dry by our local politicians within a few short years. Be careful what ou wish for folks.

Anonymous said...

Northeast Queens may be the most crooked Democratic machine politics in the country.

The Staviskys and their pay-to-play schemes to sell Democratic endorsements.

The Vallones using their offices to get the family's lobbying business rich from developer money.

Brian Meara buying his idiot nephew Ed Braunstein a seat in the Assembly to promote Uncle's multi-million dollar lobbying business.

Where the hell are the Feds or the the NY Attorney General or the Queens DA?

Anonymous said...

About time the vallones get tied into this whole thing you see chuck in the background how much has he made from being the cb land use chair> his ties to liu the cul de sac neighbor who never has any lights on except for the ones in the attic windows< word is chuck changes them when they go out to liu doesnt have to come down from his residence> where does dorsa live> adam apears to be vallones devon> so of course he is going to defend the crook< why is dorsa and his mom in bayside with the vaginaly dipped cigar political club>adam you hate parkside yet your buddy took a page right out of their book> you know the triboro bridge elder care home>the land purchased from the city for a buck>senior center built< how much money is being funneled< what about the convenient zoning changes in that area> are you a part of it or just being duped<

Anonymous said...

Paul valoone is one of the nicest guys in north queens
i am a republican who likes halloran padavan and tabone
of all the democrats he is a great guy. time to rid all the parkside hacks out of queens. good job adam for sticking up for your neighbers who have been taken advantage of by the parkside gangsters.
never met john dorsa or liu but if not a parkside sell out they cant be all that bad

Anonymous said...

"Where the hell are the Feds or the the NY Attorney General or the Queens DA?"
. . . . . . . .. . . . .
Do you really expect DA Brown to go after Queens pols? he depends on Queens County Dem Party to put him back on the ballot, and he's always un-opposed.

Anonymous said...

I like how Adam intentionally misspelled Vallone's name to mask the fact that he is defending him. Vallone Sr. thought Claire Shulman was a great pick for BP after Donald Manes disgraced the office. The fact that she was his deputy BP and knew exactly what was going on didn't seem to faze him. Yeah, the apples don't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

hey dan halloran
the weight has been lifted from your shoulders there is someone in north queens that harry and evan hate more then you
adam the voice of the people.
hey jerry iannece how does it feel to sell out to hacks your whole life and now this kid is doing more for the community in one day with the stroke of a pen then you did in 20 years on the community board.
hey harry you had it coming

Cherokeesista said...

Anonymous #10 Yes Mrs. Dorsa is heavily involved with St. Andrews Church ;-( The pieces of shit lost a six year old boy from the school about 5 yrs ago and tried to sweep it under the rug ;-( That place is Evil full of wicked Bitches like Dorsa !!! FAKE CHRISTIANS ;-(

Anonymous said...

Al Centola for council

no ties to no one but the community he lives in

Anonymous said...

Not really sure how Paul Vallone is involved in this? He wasn't endorsed by county and didn't have Park Side to back him? If anything, go shit on Jerry, Evan and Toby. They are the park side hacks in all of this. and what would Paul want to do with Liu? If anything, Kim won the primary because Liu was in the race. Kim benefited immensely from Liu running.

Anonymous said...

have to love district 19.vallone and his bogus lions club which are almost all developers> halloran a lieing hack who speaks for the developers like franco when his own attorney declines comment< padavan thank the lord he is gone but creedmore might catch up to him anyway> liu is a crook and that is that< why would vallone defend him> the same way papa defended shulman< what about that senior center at the end of the triboro> how much money are the vallones making< they got it for a buck> nice<>

jerry iannece is a nice enough guy< but he is and has been in bed with the parkside group from astoria> tabone is a shmuck who screwed all his friends in the astoria club and has destroyed and dessimated the bayside club< another crook waiting for his turn to get his hands in the cookie jar>


you appear to be doing exactly what devon does for dan o, and we all know devon is in on it< are you<

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #10 Yes Mrs. Dorsa is heavily involved with St. Andrews Church ;-( The pieces of shit lost a six year old boy from the school about 5 yrs ago and tried to sweep it under the rug ;-( That place is Evil full of wicked Bitches like Dorsa !!! FAKE CHRISTIANS ;-(


Anonymous said...

Where do the Dorsas live? I've heard the Bronx and or Weschester.

Anonymous said...

Al Centola for council

no ties to no one but the community he lives in



Anonymous said...

i cant stand watching that POS in the background all smirks while he makes millions for him and the vallone family

every cent the vallones have stolen has been from the estates of little old italian and greek ladies from astoria and their families

how many properties were stolen from under them and picked up by the likes of chuck and soo many others

hey dorsa where do you live again??

Adam said...

Liu better drop them Parkside boys after he clears the trumped up charges, I've told him numerous times. Pols typically hold on to Parkside through primaries, then drop them during the general. Hopefully that trend - like Braunstein did - will continue.

Right now we're working on kicking out Evan Stavisky and Michael Sais because, well, they aren't exactly enlightened statesman, and they don't even live here. They are place-holders and I can't wait till the music video drops.

It's not news, but no one has ever come out and said something without the cloak of anonymity.

In an unrelated note, The Bayside-Whitetone Lions will be collecting crocheted scarves, hats, and yarn to donate to our military troops on Wednesday night, 7pm at Vallone and Vallone on Francis Lewis Blvd. Please stop by.

p.s Keep reading my blog.

Alfredo C said...

I will say I have met Adam and the references to his being a shill of the Vallones, well I don't see it. Adam has been open to discussion and appears to be a genuine community guy. Besides, he is not an elected official and his only comment was that the club has done good things. Yes he supports Liu and has stated its because he knows him on a personal note. You have to respect that. Me, I don't know Liu on a personal note, and well, I think he is guilty and he knows it. That is just my personal observation, just like I called McLaughlin when I was just 18. I will say that Adams blog has been entertaining and shows promise. If he holds true to his word (and I think he will) he will highlight and call out anyone who tries to screw the community.

I also want to thank the two commentators who threw my name out there once again. However, this post is about Liu and who he has appointed. Lets discuss that for a bit no?

"One need not be in a position of power, nor hold a title , to affect positive change"


Adam said...

Thanks Al, I'd also like to mention that all developers are invited to the meeting. Please bring checks in excess of $500 dollars so that I can donate it to the Lions Eye Bank, to restore sight to the blind or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, or QSAC for Autistic Children. Your reward, in return is a sense of self-satisfaction.

I am also working on raising money for a heart defibrillator for St. Kevin's sports. So if you want to help save a kid's life in the future, don't be afraid to cut a check. Thank you all very much.

Queens Crapper said...

It's nice that your club wants to be generous, but there are other groups that are charities where developers will get their tax breaks. Yours is a political club and your focus is supposed to be politics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crapper- I see you're still carrying water for the carpetbagger. Bet he didn't pay you as well as Haggerty, but then again, you probably won't be getting it hard and deep like he will.
Keep sticking it to that chopsockey Charlie Chan and his egg roll pals!

Adam said...

You're right, I meant the Lions, a non-profit group. It's where we do nothing but serve the community and raise money to help the poor, the blind, the people that society tends to forget. I was being facetious after a commentator said there's nothing but developers at the Lions meeting. This is a falsehood and I encourage everyone to attend to see for themselves.

Queens Crapper said...

Ok I have no idea what carrying water for the carpetbaggemeans. But when I see photos of Lions events, all I see are pols, realtors and developers.

Adam said...

I don't know what that means either....

That's not entirely true, QC. I'll take pictures of the general attendees next time. The Lions club attract community members, business leaders and pols too (even photo hogs)- basically anyone with some money and time to volunteer to we can support the Lions Eye Bank, Chrissy's Wish Foundation, St. Andrew Avelino's men's shelter, our military, and the precincts, and so many other philanthropic causes. All tax deductible.

Let us not crap on them.

Queens Crapper said...

Charity is good no matter who is doing it. Can't wait for their historic preservation fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all this Lions club bullshit. Its held at Vallones non functioning law office which holds the Democratic club , Where do the Dorsas live again?, the Lions Club, and lets just say Vallone and Apellian know how to put on a good show. All the attendees are either developers, real estate agents, hangers on, and a few local neighborhood people originaly from astoria being duped by yet another Vallone.

Al, you may be right about Adam that I do not know yet only time will tell. Adam, if what Al says is true then you need to be very wary of the Vallones and their criminal empire.

Anonymous said...

"Presstone Printing"
located in LIC...
is this Chuck Apelian's printing company?

Weren't they doing a lot of printing for NYC?

Didn't they just get an OK to expand their facilities from the EDC?

If Chuck happens to be reading this, he must be running to the toilet right about now!

I hope the feds are reading this too!

Anonymous said...

"Adam's Rib" was one helluva movie.

This sounds more like "Adam's Ass" is posting!

Anonymous said...

You'd think that a prominent crooked pol could choose a better shill than Adam.

He must be someone's high up son-in-law's son.

Go back to school and finish up your poly-sci classes!

what a dumb-ass...lovin' the fragrance of his own turds...thinking he's a political observer.

Another legend in his own mind becomes a blogster.

Anonymous said...

Were there some "financial difficulties" that St. Andrews encountered a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

If, "Money is the mother's milk of politics"...
then most of the Democratic machine's pols are suckling off of Chinese teats for their laundered cash!

Anonymous said...

If you've got a yen for justice,
then follow the Yuan & U.S. Dollar money trail from China to some Flushing pols' doors.

Forget about the silk road.

We're talking about golden opportunities for federal law enforcement officers to unearth some other major crooks besides Liu!

Anonymous said...

Didn't some Gambino affiliates back Councilman Halloran against Kevin Kim?

Dan sure seems busy these days kissing White House Restaurant owner Joey Franco's ass.

We wonder which "family" will be backing the Vallones?

Anonymous said...

Yowza, yowza, yowza....
John Dorsa & John Liu!

Ya wanna watch these two!

But let's get into the deeper story.

The Democratic machine has little choice but to defend Liu.

Or else Johnny will out the other crooks in the party who took illegal Chinese money!

After all, he's got the book on them all.

An example of a little Taiwanese blackmail served in hot and spicy pepper sauce!

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya folks....
this will be a hot TV mini series when its all sorted out....after a few more "prominent" politicians get prosecuted!

We hear that "Barney's" is running a post holiday special on orange jump suits!

Anonymous said...

Did that "financial" stuff at the church occur under the Dorsa's watch?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it President William Jefferson Clinton that used the notorious political campaign fund bundler Norman Hsu....currently serving a prison sentence....when he ran for office?

If so, no wonder the clubhouse is named after him!

Anonymous said...

It looks like northeast Queens is becoming like the old Italian mob run Bay Ridge these days!

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Marco Polo went to China and brought back spaghetti.

It's a smart deal to put Liu and Dorsa together like noodles and pasta.

And two noodles working together are better than one!

Anonymous said...

Crapper- carrying water for the carpetbagger means purposefully (or no) continuing the work of Bloomberg's minions in "getting" John Liu because some of his audits are syarting to get under the skin of the kickback-accepter in chief.They seem to be abot rather innocuous matters and have thus far only scratched the surface of the waste of taxpayers funds, not getting into the meaty stuff like bribery, kickbacks, etc.In some probably misguided way, probably out of concern that "those people" are taking over Queens, you've played int5o Bumbuck's hands, and those of the Charlie Chan-eggroll joke makers.

Queens Crapper said...

Bloombergs minions forced Liu to accept contributions fraudulently? So because Bloomberg is corrupt, Liu can't be? Are we really suggesting this?

Cherokeesista said...

Anonymous #13 Yes he was found on Northern and 157st across from the church by another parent ;-) Thank God because the little boy is My Son !! I hate that place with a Passion ;-( They tried to blame my son when the teacher just let him walk out the school ;-(

Anonymous said...

John Liu will be the guest at the 109 Pct Community Council, next Wed the 11th. Go and make sure this schmuck knows that the people who put him in office in the first place no longer stand behind him

Anonymous said...

Crapper- nothing has been said about Liu's campaign staff or tactics by me. The implication here is this. Even if it is stipulated that both are corrupt, it is somewhat a matter of degree. Again, the honest graft vs. dishonest graft thing and the net effect on the body politic.The corruption of the multi-term mayor, all of whose terms were purchased to an extent, the extent growing larger with each term is bound to have a much greater long-term deleterious effect on the city's financial health due to his largesse in doling out no bid contracts to shady contractors with unsavory history,if indeed any history with little or no scheduling or budgetary criteria, as well as turning over the purse strings of the school system he controls to the testing cartel made up of his crony publishing and info tech pals is much more certain to result in disatrous fiscal situations in NYC going forward than anything your yellow fever-deranged anti-Oriental minds could dream upas a scenario of Liu coming to power..I know it's unsettling to you to see all those slanty-eyed faces and signs you don't understand in NE Queens,but don't let that lead you to favor an assured screwing-over by the crook you are comfortable with over a possible one by Liu.Most of the ad hominem attacks on Liu arestraightoutof the fearmongering divide and conquer playbook of thieves like Karl Rove.Do we really need or deserve that here?Are youso wowed or cowed by Bloomberg's billions that you let the benevolent philanthropist act throw you off?

Anonymous said...

The poster who is suggesting that Crapper is supporting a "carpetbagger" is clearly unhinged.

If the allegations are true and Liu accepted large donations that are above the limit then John Liu committed several large crimes.

First he lied about the size of the donation.

Second he lied about who gave the donation.

Third AND MOST IMPORTANTLY he accepted 6 to 1 taxpayer matching funds on these illegal donations.

Fourth he refuses to obey the law which requires him to disclose his bundlers. One more time we are speaking of the 2001 campaign, the 2005 campaign the 2009 campaign as well as his current fundraising. So PLEASE do bother to "explain" that he'll do so "soon".

He has no intention of obeying the law. His campaign chief stated on Dec 2nd that they would release those current bundlers "next week". He never did so and they clearly have no intention of releasing the names of his bundlers from the 2001 campaign or the 2005 campaign. Are you SERIOUSLY going to try and tell us that these names can’t be released now, YEARS AFTER the election is over? It that is true it’s only to protect Liu’s right not to incriminate himself.

Anonymous said...

"Or else Johnny will out the other crooks in the party who took illegal Chinese money!"
. . . . . . . .
Some years ago, when they were both in the city council, Liu took David Weprin with him on a trip to Taiwan.

Queens Crapper said...

When you are an elected official, you have to keep your nose clean because EVERYONE is out for your blood. For all we know, someone in his office blew the whistle. How would Bloomberg know about Liu's fundraising habits, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I am happy to repeat this over and over and over, every time one of the Liu zombies pretends that this is not a serious investigation of John Liu regarding serious crimes.

NOBODY cares who dropped the dime on this cat.


Is there a person alive that knows, or cares who dropped the dime on Al Capone? (NO).

So WHAT if it was a political opponent? So EFFIN what?

John has some 'splaining to do.

Lastly I abhor all the anti-Asian comments; this has nothing to do with race or culture.

It does have to do with family. Johns' father rose to a position of authority, as President of the Great Eastern Bank and used that position to try and scam a million dollars out of the company. He was arrested, tried and convicted. His embarrassing appeal was tossed on the garbage heap.

Johnny was taught to be a thief, in my view. That is not because he is Chinese, it's because he is just a bad person from a bad family.

Anonymous said...

"You'd think that a prominent crooked pol could choose a better shill than Adam.

He must be someone's high up son-in-law's son.

Go back to school and finish up your poly-sci classes!

what a dumb-ass...lovin' the fragrance of his own turds...thinking he's a political observer.

Another legend in his own mind becomes a blogster."

Another blatantly unintelligent schmuck enjoying the opportunity to post his fallacious, platitude ridden ramblings. It's a shame you don't realize how much of a turd you come of as. Perhaps you're enjoying the smell?

Anonymous said...

" it's because he is just a bad person from a bad family."

so where to the vallones dorsas and appelians fit into that?

adam is a kid in his big brothers suit

he does whatever paul vallone tells him to do

he defends liu because he met him once or twice and is star struck

he is always talking about taking pictures with famous and important people such as honest joe crowley dee richards "biggie" comrie and expecialy lie sorry meant liu

Al you might be right , he might have potential but as of now he is a star struck puppy soaking up the bullshit attention the vallones are giving him. I hope he grows up and proves you right.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bundlers anyone know a guy from malba???? bundled for forcina actually got paid by his campaign as well and is currently bundling for halloran???


Anonymous said...

RE: #53...Noman Hsu Bundled for dem.pols like H.R. Clinton($800,000.),Bob Kerrey, Sen .B.Obama ,John Liu and 80-100 others. it is reported that the money was returned ? to who? a crook in fed . prison ?

see google " CHINAGATE CLINTON": James Riady got $8.6 million fine...Charlie Trie got four months in-home detention...Johnny Chung got 3000 hrs. of community service..John Huang got $10,000 fine & 500 hrs. community service...Maria Hsia got $5300. fine.

22 people were convicted by 2001, by D.O.J.

94 witnesses, either took the fifth ,refused to answer questions, and left the country...

similar to liu's" delay "in naming his bundlers,then Pres. W.J.Clinton refused six invitations to testify before the Grand Jury in the Monica Lewinsky case. and when in 1998, he finally did ,he refused to answer most questions.

See ,Google "STARR REPORT" for ugly details under the desk with monica, who now lives on c.p.s., with her neighbor, tony bennett. where does her income come from ?

he eventually was IMPEACHED AND DISBARRED.
And that is the man that the local dems. chose to name their political club after.

Anonymous said...

Fatboy"here comes the marines"forcina gotta love the teddy bear
a full blown fanatic.

Anonymous said...

Racist Anti Asian comments?

Maybe this has everything to do with Liu's race.

The Chinese, in particular, are known for corrupt officials throughout their long history....
from Emperor Chin (who unified China) to Chairman Mao and so on.

Oh yes, they did invent paper money.

It weighs less when an official has to be bribed.

Can you imagine trying to carry a pocketful of heavy jingling gold coins into Congressman Ackerman's office to gain favor with him?

Anonymous said...

So John Liu took David Weprin on a trip to Taiwan just like his cousin Tommy Huang took Gary Ackerman on a trip to Taiwan before him.

Did they bring back any nice "chatchkas" to tuck into their political campaign coffers?

Anonymous said...

John Dorsa is an aspiring political mafioso!

Will he become the first of a new "famiglia" to replace the Vallones?

Anonymous said...

After the Chinese invented the civil service system...the next thing they did was to perfect its corruption.

An ancient proverb:

"The mountains are high and the emperor is far away".

Liu though he could get away with his "unnoticed" crimes.

Anonymous said...


Did the Chinese fantasize on controlling America in a classic pincer movement from the west and east coasts?

The city of San Fransisco
has its first Chinese mayor.

John Liu thought he would become NYC's first Chinese mayor.

Well one of the Asian crabs claws has just been broken off!

Anonymous said...

Liu is just a bottom feeder!

Who is "Mr. Big"....
the puppeteer who's running the show backstage?

Anonymous said...

What did Bill Clinton do when he visited Flushing (twice) besides break bread and take photo ops at the "Future Diner" (in Fresh Meadows).....have tea with convicted bundler Norman Hsu and his Asian associates?

No wonder the Clinton Club was set up in Flushing.

Was it intended as a "drop" or clearing house for laundered overseas campaign donations?

And, Lord forgive me, could St. Andrew's Church be a "power center" for the local Democratic club's "elite"?

Anonymous said...

Babble, babble...
there are an awful lot of topics and names being thrown around here:

St. Andrews Church; Mc Laughlin; bundlers; Norman Hsu; financial stuff; Clinton Democratic Club; John Liu; John Dorsa; political mobsters; money laundering.

I'm a little confused.

Are we to assume that all these are connected in some way?

If so, somebody has got some twisted conspiracy theory loving imagination!

Anonymous said...

connect the dots and reach your own conclusion!

If it can be dreamed, it's probably already been (or being) done!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll join the Clinton Club
to see what's up.

You say it meets in Vallone's law office on Franny-Lew?

If Toby Ann shows up I'll have to leave. The air is close enough there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you were already at the meeting

Anonymous said...

apelians connected to vallone, vallones connected to liu, lius connected to the bundler,

appelians connected to cb7, cb7s connected to overdevelopment, developers connected to printing plans, lius connected to cb 7,dorsas connected to liu, lius connected to the bundler,

too bad its not the humpty dumpty tune at the end they would all fall down..............

(sung to the bone song)


Anonymous said...

Maybe I was at their meetings.

Maybe there's some dirt at St. Andrews that needs some sweeping out.

Maybe the Dorsa family
knows even more than we all know.

Time will tell.

After John Liu squeals...in an effort to cut a deal with the feds to avoid doing jail time...who knows who else will be implicated.

Anonymous said...

How much money does Paulie Vallone plan to make for himself and his crooked father if he becomes a City Councilman? I guess enough to justify keeping that phoney law office open on Francis Lewis Blvd.



Anonymous said...

just to remind you that the FBI Undercover agent who stung John Liu, is a American Patriot of Chinese ancestry who speaks Mandarin.

RE: Clinton's China gate, james Riady ,the Indonesian Billionaire from the LIPPO GROUP,was barred by the Bush Administration to enter the U.S. He was convicted of CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE U.S.. he was fined $8.6 million.

he recently snuck into Arkansas and has reportedly contributed a large sum of money to W.J.Clinton's GLOBAL GROUP.

see Michelle Malkin 1/5/ 2010 "A CHINA GATE CLINTON CRONY RETURNS


A Liu BUNDLER ?????