Friday, January 6, 2012

The latest crap on the White House

From the Times Ledger:

The plan is now to scrap any renovations of the second floor. Instead, the cellar banquet room will be renovated and its occupancy will drop from 238 to approximately 100, according to Papa.

The first floor will function for catering and restaurant uses. Its occupancy, too, will fall from 324 to 200, according to Papa.

That would bring the occupancy for those two floors to 300 people, the number repeatedly described by Franco’s team as the occupancy for the renovated eatery, although the rejected plans submitted to Buildings pegged it at 705.

The second floor will only be used for storage and office uses, according to Papa.

Papa and Franco had originally described providing 110 parking spaces for the proposed catering hall, but in the scaled-down version they will provide 75 instead.

Franco also dropped plans to expand the footprint of the first floor, which Papa said will ensure the driveway will remain in the same place and not encroach upon a neighboring property.


Anonymous said...

And it looks like Councilman Halloran has served as Franco's bag man, instead of serving the needs of the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers!

Come to think of it,
WTF has Halloran done for the rest of his constituents?

Damn little!

We're all counting the days until Halloran is gone and we get a real representative.

Anonymous said...

A shiny silk tie and pinstripe suit...with a mug on him that would freeze a glass of root beer solid in just two seconds!

Boy..doesn't he look like he's a natural out of central casting for "The Sopranos"?

Anonymous said...

Maybe "doofy" Dan will jump his political party and join up with the Vallones.

Or he'll return to his piss poor law practice in Mineola after the dust clears.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan you done good kid

screw the rest of dem bums your one of us now no one will mess with you and when they do you come to me understood? your with US now.

All jokes apart

thanks for selling us out councilman dan halloran

less parking than first proposed

still a 200 plus seating catering hall

2nd floor will "The second floor will only be used for storage and office uses" what a crock of crap

cant wait to see dan led out in handcuffs

along with vallone who by the way might have ties to franco going way back

Anonymous said...

Dan's law firm has a satellite office next door -- remember.

Conflicts of Interest, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Dan's law firm has a satellite office next door -- remember.

Conflicts of Interest, perhaps

werent one of his campaign promises that he wouldnt practice law while in office?????

yet another lie, silver bracelets await

Anonymous said...

can anyone who is negative about this proposal prove any crime has been committed ?if so, please detail here ,or contact the authorities. your bashing is becoming a joke.

many other local pols. are presently in or going to jail for convictions of a crime against the citizens.

will the modern restaurant/catering business improve the property,provide jobs for the community young adults,increase tax revenue for the city,state and federal governments ?

the previous zoning bureaucrats screwed up on 154 street. it has always been both commercial/residential lots.

one wonders if the new owners of "VALENTINO'S ON THE GREEN" are paying more or less in n.y.c. revenues for the franchise, than the former "Cafe On The Green" did ? check it out and report soon ?

was former CM, John Liu a player in "CAFE" losing the franchise ?

Anonymous said...

will the modern restaurant/catering business improve the property,provide jobs for the community young adults,increase tax revenue for the city,state and federal governments ? NO, they will NOT!

When the hell did you ever see "community young adults" working at a catering hall? I remember driving by Cafe on the Green which as everyone knows was owned by Franco, late at night and never saw one "community young adult" waiting for the bus to get back home to Jackson Heighs and corona. You are either mistaken of full of crap.

Did you notice the last article where Mr. Franco and his Attorney refused comment, yet Councilman Halloran commented for him. You see nothing wrong with that? When was the last time you saw a catering hall use the second floor for "storage"? Come on get real!

Why not provide the proper amount of parking, or at least what was agreed to?

Also the councilman did say during his campaign that he would me a full time legislator and not practice law. So why the satelite office in his council office? Aren't the taxpayers paying for that space?

This is our neighborhood and we have the right to have a say into what happens here. If Franco is not happy, he can go elsewhere and by supply and demand, someone will open something that can be part of the neighborhood. Please dont bring up Whitestone farms either, that is a scam in the works. The new "owner" is asking a ridiculous amount of money, why? who are the players in that deal and who are they affiliated with?

There are people in the community that know what is going on, and we will not be silent! So stop your propaganda!

Anonymous said...

"was former CM, John Liu a player in "CAFE" losing the franchise ?"

Well, was he? Or are you just doing your usual snake-in-the-grass slandering.

Typical con-servative modus operandi.
Cowardly disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Of course he did

he also is guilty of everything he is being accused of

want to talk about snake in the grass

what is it exactly called ahh yes projection

you are projecting what you are doing and as a result went directly to name calling typical

call it what it is and stop trying to deflect and project

Anonymous said...

"he also is guilty of everything he is being accused of"

According only to you.

Types like you always deal in slander and innuendo.

Your kind withers when faced head-on with the truth about waht their political masters are really up to...And who they -really- represent.

The term for you is: Useful Idiot -a commie term but applicable.

Offer some proof against this character Liu, or STFU.

Anonymous said...

Aw how sweet we have aliu Liu troll . What does Liu Liu have to do with Halloran , Franco, and the catering hall?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes on Jan. 6th, will the property be improved, of couse it will if you want customers. You also state will it employ the youth of this town. Cafe on the Green did, both of my neighbors children worked there while putting themselves through college. And, why do we need people from Jackson Heights and Corona waiting outside for buses. You state that you want it for the youth of this town, most of the youth in this town have cars. So they where working their, my two neighbors always had friends asking them if they could get them in while attending school.
When I went to Cafe on the Green, I felt as if the Hostess was a local. Are you biased and think that only people who work in restaurants must be hispanics as that is what makes up most of Jackson Heights and Corona and can't afford cars. You say not to bring up the fact about the old fruit market on 11th Ave & 154th St. They are asking for a crazy amount and probably think they will get it because of ignorant people like you. It's an eyesore for the entire community, do you want the same for the Whitehouse. Cafe on the Green looked nothing but elegant from the outside and no one can deny that. Don't you think that Joe Franco has a vision for this place? Anyone who invests in a business has a vision and with what he did with Cafe on the Green, I'm sure it will looked elegant.
Honestly, I wish this much energy was put into the youth of this town. Look around have you seen what a lot have gotten themselves into. Believe it or not drugs are very big in Whitestone just pretty well hidden. How do I know this a friends son of mine is in recovery for many years now. He constantly tries to get the youth involved but unfortunately they would rather go and get high. The energy you are using on this should be directed at the youth of this town. People coming into backyards steeling whatever they can from a shed outside, now that's desperate and scary for all of us!!! I wish you the best Joe Franco and true visions and passions will come to pass. Honestly everyone think about our youth and what they are facing!!! The world is hard enough without a monkey on your back!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe should open his resttaurant all I ask is that he respect the community. He tried to pull a fast one with the variance on another property and is taking away parking from original promises.

I am not biased against my own kind, I stated a fact as I knew most of the guys waiting for the bus and drove many of them home.

You talk about the youth, yet when people are trying to get the old CYO back for the youth of the community YOUR COUNCILMAN won't hear of it! What's your take on that?

Franco claims he will use the second flor storage only you believe that? I don't!

Anonymous said...

because of ignorant people like you.

Ah yes, a bitter old man that immediately resorts to name calling.


Someone disagrees with you so you name call. Very mature!

Point is Franco is a good guy who is doing what any businessman would do. He is trying to get the most band for his buck. Its the communities job to make sure the business conforms. After all we were here first, and we will be here when he closes at nite.

Anonymous said...

Look around have you seen what a lot have gotten themselves into. Believe it or not drugs are very big in Whitestone just pretty well hidden

not that well hidden look at the deli around the corner from your house

look at the crap in the park by ps93

James Kelly said...

Wow, had I opened this link first I think would have posted my thoughts and comments here instead of the 12/27/2011 link on 'Whitehouse plans not what promised".
Again, I find another blog full of people with strong opinions, laced with outragus comments,acusations and inuendo.And not one person willing to put thier name to any of it.
Aparently Crap must be right, the politicians in this town have so much power it looks as though EVERYONE is afraid of them, and needs protection.
Help me out , I can't tell who it is you people are afraid of the most? The guys you voted into office, or the buisness man trying to improve a building that the first and last time I was in looked as though nothing was done to it in about 25 years. I can't belive the scrutiny this man is going through.Mr.Franco has a long history as an outstanding Restaurateur,like it or not,it can't be denied. My guess is that anything he is offering Whitestone will be a huge improvement over what is was.
Thus far the only one that seems to have any apriciation for what this man is trying to do is the last bloger. My guess would be that this person didn't sign thier name for fear of a group of bitter people ganging up the comments made.

Queens Crapper said...

Myth: "Mr.Franco has a long history as an outstanding Restaurateur"

Reality: "In 1992, Franco won the Parks Department concession to run the restaurant in a historic Queens mansion on the edge of Clearview Park. Ten years later, a patron was shot there in an apparent mob rubout attempt. In 2003, an alleged wiseguy and his wife were charged with a hate crime after attacking an Asian woman there.

In 2008, an audit by the city comptroller found that Franco cheated the city out of more than $120,000 in proceeds from tips and party deposits."

People posting here have reason to be afraid to post under their own names. Of course, if you're defending the mobster, you have nothing to worry about, James.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence anonymous and Kelly write almost the exact same things, yet Kelly claims he just came upon this post. Is this the same Kelly that is related to president Hallorans bogus civic with the bogus survey about Francos out of character catering hall? Same guy that lives right next door to WTW?

Or is it another coincidence?

By the way, still waiting to know if you attended the heated meetings about the hall at the ARMORY with Greater Whitestone? Being that "no one in the neighborhood is discussing it" .

I call BS!

Anonymous said...

i worked in the tip business in my youth. how can a business owner be held responsible for the cash tip that a client gives to his employee?

does not the employee have to pay taxes, City/State/Fed., on declared tips and income.why didn't the comptroller audit the employees ?

did Franco get a fine or convicted of fraud ,or jailed by the D.A.,in a court trial?

i would like more info. on this post. where is the court decision stated in print ?

one can not blame every business owner for the crimes that are committed in or near their property ?
one can list many crime committed in our N.E .Queens area in past years on Bell Blvd, Whitestone ,Flushing ,etc.

who wants to begin this blast from the past?

every bar or business that serves alcohol is a potential accident waiting to happen. do you not agree ?

if he is one QUEENS MOST WANTED,contact JOHN WALSH.....

James Kelly said...

If your reading comprehension was half as good as your sweeping in incitement of the Residents, Politicians and the 109th precinct you would have known I have been looking in on this blog and didn't just find it this week.
I have no relation to anyone in Whitestone or in Queens at all.
I wonder why you are so intersested in where I live,are you one of the people with 'Money" that Crapper is so afraid of?. Are you planning on attacking me next? It is obvious you already know where I live as well as I'm certain you know who I am. I have noticed already you have the un canny ability to pinpoint where others live,obviously someone in your little group can back trace I.P addressees (as many can), I wonder is this you way of intimidating new posters?
It it a shame grown adults can't express opinions without garbage like this. If you have questions about me ask me directly,don't attack me in a public forum.

Queens Crapper said...

EATERY 'COOKS BOOKS', NY Post, 6/12/08

james Kelly said...

Well Crapper lots of people are accused of things that have little or no truth or basis to them, ask Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Regardless of his reputation or past history he was innocent. Maybe you recall a little story told by a girl named Tawana Brawley, the media was falling all over themselves to prove her story. I have personal friends that were deeply & irreputably harmed by her and the press.So unless you have an article that you want to show me where this man was found guilty of a crime that speaks to his ability to run a Restaurant,don't show me things that just perpetuate dirtying an individuals reputation

Queens Crapper said...

Let's see...

He was audited and fined for under-reporting income and forced to repay the city what he owed. His contract with the Parks Dept was ended early because of this.

I think that speaks volumes about his ability to run a restaurant, and that's without exploring the mafia allegations.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kelly

No one is saying Franco shouldn't open up his restaurant. However the community around it wants to be respected. Some of what has happened there has been a little underhanded and not appreciated. As for Halloran he is the community representatove elected by the people and just like Sinacori and Franco refused comment, Halloran shoud have kept his mouth shut or spoke for the community and not Franco.

You have valid points about the drugs, the buses, as well as the speeding cars. You are entitled to your opinion on Franco and his restaurant but the facts are there in print. All the community asks is that he work with us and conform to what the community is.

Anonymous said...

i could not navigate one of the Q.C.links to the N.Y.Post articles, so i searched the original audit done on "Caffe on the Green" actually MERRISSA RESTAURANT CORP.,by Comp. Wm. Thompson's auditors.

the auditor's including "banquet gratuities"or "service charges" as gross receipts does not make common sense.
the claims of "internal control weaknesses",when other comptroller's auditors for 16 years confirmed that the computer software package in service was fine, is suspicious.
and reviewing only 12 guest checks, of which five were deemed irregular, out of 66,000 checks makes me wonder.

the 2006 and 2007 period reviewed brought revenues of $958,541. to the city from$9,785,410 in receipts.

search: n.y.c.comptrollers office ,scroll to AUDITORS REPORT 2008, scroll to MERRISSA RESTAURANT CORP. 6/6/08

the auditors make a good case, but when you scroll to MERRISSA'S response you will wonder just who is in error ?

maybe the media headlines did a spin job on the public ? in any event you be the judge, from the original audit and "CAFFE'S" response.

Queens Crapper said...


Anonymous said...

i attempted twice to read the "MOBSTER" article by M. Weiss,who i respect very much. he wrote the book "the man who warned America" about hero FBI counter terrorist agent.

i could only read the first paragraph, before the article disappeared.

1n 1951 ,some of the best college basketball players were "shaving points" and helping the mob gamblers to "fix"the game score "spread". all the fixers and gamblers and two players were convicted and did prison time.

at the time i played with and against these crooked players. later, i also played with one other player from the Whitestone area.later, in college ,two of my teammates were convicted also, from QUEENS.

did i have mob ties with known player crooks ?

recently ,a cousin of mine was convicted of construction medicare fraud and just finished his prison sentence. i have severed our friendship. he has shamed my mother's family name.

am i guilty of having family ties to my crooked relative ? am i to be banished from society ?

Queens Crapper said...

Posted: 5:00 AM, January 15, 2007
A reputed mobster, whose uncle once ran the Gambino crime family for imprisoned godfather John Gotti, has a city contract to operate a posh restaurant in a Queens mansion that was once home to movie legend Rudolph Valentino and Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, The Post has learned.

Joseph Franco, a nattily dressed, politically connected restaurateur, has held the city Parks Department license to operate popular Caffe on the Green in Bayside since 1992.

He holds the concession, although he and his brother, Salvatore, a disgraced union president and one-time regular at Gotti's Ravenite Club, are listed by law-enforcement officials as Gambino crime-family members along with their uncle, Giuseppe "Joe" Arcuri, a powerful mob captain since the 1960s.

Franco opened his city-licensed eatery at roughly the same time his uncle was anointed by Gotti to help run the Gambinos with Gotti's brother, Peter, after the Dapper Don was imprisoned for life in 1992 for murder and racketeering.

And the Franco family was close enough with the legendary mob boss that their names appear on an infamous April 1990 wedding-gift list found in the home of Gotti's son, John "Junior" Gotti.

According to court records, that nuptial directory, a veritable Who's Who of American Mafiosi, had a notation:

" 'Arcuri 4,000' followed by 'Sal Franco 500' and 'Joe Franco 500,' (gift amounts) which would correspond to Arcuri's rank as capo and the Francos' positions as soldiers."

Last week, city Comptroller William Thompson disclosed that a businessman who has been linked to the Colombo crime family and the Russian mob has a $10 million, 20-year contract to operate the Marine Park Golf Course in Brooklyn.

The revelation about Dominick Logozzo's contract - which is unrelated to the Caffe on the Green deal - is being examined by the city Department of Investigation and the Law Department. That contract was awarded in 2005 before Logozzo's associates were indicted by the feds.

As for Franco, his lawyer, Sidney Davidoff, denied that his client was a mob member or involved with organized crime in any way. He pointed out that Franco's background had been "vetted" by the city when he received the license and that his client "is a pillar of the community."

Franco, 53, a Flushing native active in community organizations, has hosted many political functions at his spacious catering hall over the years.

He has been photographed with numerous top politicians, including Mayor Bloomberg, and was honored by the borough president's office in 2005 as one of Queens' leading Italian-Americans.

"He has not even had a parking ticket," Davidoff insisted of Franco, who lives in a multimillion-dollar home in Connecticut.

As for Franco's mob-connected relatives, Davidoff said his client has not spoken with his brother, Salvatore, 71, in 15 years and that his uncle, Arcuri, is now an absent-minded 93-year-old.

The lawyer added that Franco never received an invitation nor attended "Junior" Gotti's extravagant Manhattan wedding. He could not explain why his client's name appeared on Junior's gift list.

Queens Crapper said...

"This kind of innuendo . . . it is ridiculous . . . an absolute lie," Davidoff said. "How do you fight the rumor?"

Before 1989, when Franco applied for Caffe on the Green, he owned a popular Upper East Side restaurant, Undici, which means "eleven" in Italian. It attracted a range of politicians - as well as the likes of mob godfather Paul "Big Paul" Castellano, the elder John Gotti and top mob henchmen.

Investigators who tracked the mob for decades claim that Franco was on their radar since the early 1980s and that he was inducted into the mob, becoming a made member, about 20 years ago, sources say.

Franco's brother, Sal, the labor boss, regularly attended Thursday-night sit-downs with Arcuri inside Gotti's fabled social club, the Ravenite, in Little Italy, court records show.

Joseph Franco, however, visited the Ravenite only on so-called "command performance holidays" such as Gotti's birthday and Christmas, when financial tribute was coughed up to the godfather, according to sources.

Davidoff disputed the reason for Joe Franco's visits to the Ravenite.

He said Franco helped deliver food "a couple of times" as a "courtesy" for a customer from his Undici restaurant.

"John Gotti came into his old restaurant a few times, as did Rudy Giuliani, and 'Junior' could have come in 20 years ago, but he did not know them socially," Davidoff explained.

In 1989, Franco and one other bidder submitted proposals to operate a restaurant inside the by-then-neglected Queens mansion that was built by silent-movie legend Valentino and later used as a summer home by La Guardia.

He filled out a questionnaire and was vetted by the then-Concession Review Committee. Citing Franco's experience, the Parks Department awarded him a 10-year contract that called for the department to receive $500,000 annually, or 10 percent of gross proceeds. In 1992, the city extended Franco's deal to 18 years because of additional repair costs at the mansion, which was damaged in a fire that broke out during initial renovations.

But an examination of court records and sources may raise questions about the vetting involved in the Franco license.

Long before, it had been reported that Arcuri was a powerful Gambino capo. Other suspicions about family connections between the Franco and Arcuri clans were well-catalogued by the FBI and the state's Organized Crime Task Force.

In fact, during a 1998 court hearing that resulted in the ousting of Franco's brother from running a local union, federal authorities laid bare their historical knowledge of the Franco-Arcuri mob links.

No less an authority than Bruce Mouw, the FBI Gambino squad chief who toppled Gotti, testified that Salvatore "Sammy Bull" Gravano, the Gambino underboss-turned-informant, told him in 1991 that Joe Franco and his brother, Sal, were "members of Arcuri's crew," according to the records. A spokesman for the Parks Department said, "We have not heard of any allegations towards Mr. Franco and would urge anyone with such information to contact to DOI."

Added Davidoff of his client: "He's built a great business for himself and the community. And he is one of the city's best concessionaires. The fact that there is any accusation . . . is an absolute lie."

There have been several suspected mob-linked acts of violence at the restaurant in recent years.

In April 2002, a 37-year-old diner was lured outside and shot twice in an apparent mob-hit attempt. Investigators determined surveillance cameras were stripped of their videotapes before the shooting, and Franco was described by police at the time as "uncooperative."

Despite questions about Franco's possible Mafia ties, one longtime mob watcher noted, Franco is likely now "just trying to run a legitimate business."

Anonymous said...

Franco tried to pull a fast one

A catering hall does not fit the character of the neighborhood

Halloran should not have spoken for him

Greater Whitestone Taxpayers stated their concern from the very begining

Halloran ignored the largest community group in the area and instead created a shell to feign community support

The existing community does not want a large catering hall in its back yard

these are the facts everything else is just an attempt to steer the discussion away from these facts

just the facts

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a mystery how his name ended up on John Gotti Jr's guest list and on the FBI's watch list.

I've never seen so many fools defend an organized criminal before.

Anonymous said...

the additional past information has made your point and revised my thoughts on this topic.

thanks for the eye-opener.

what was the result of the catfight between the women diners at Caffe. was there a lawsuit ? why was it a hate -crime?

were the shooters ever caught ?

did you read the detailed comptroller's audit? tips/service fees/banquet gratuities/gift certificates are part of gross receipts and subject to a parks dept. payment ?
the $120,000 owed were all of the above, according to Merrissa.

Queens Crapper said...

What makes me laugh is if any of these allegations (the shooting, the hate crime, failure to pay taxes) had happened at a local bar or restaurant, these same commenters would be lined up at the community board to demand that the establishment's liquor license be revoked. Yet because this was a mobster with a parks contract for a catering hall, you're defending him?

Anonymous said...

Dont trust these guys, their as slippery as a bunch of oiled weasels! It doesn't matter how much CB7 and Dan Halloran push, Franco's restaurant is in the wrong spot. FRANCOGATE!

Anonymous said...

We blame Halloran!

Anonymous said...

RE:Q.C., as Det. Sgt (L.A.P.D.) Joe Friday (Jack Webb) said "WE JUST WANT THE FACTS".in the popular 1949-56 TV series.

you may not have been an embryo at the time.

Anonymous said...

Halloran sold us out with his fake "community " support

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

Anon No. 37:

I remember that show and the Dragnet that was on in the 60s. Nice try.

Joanne said...

The White House Restaurant served it's purpose over the years but unfortunately became run down. Now everyone is complaining that someone purchased the property & is going to improve & beautify the neighborhood! Anyone who bought a home on or around 154th Street between 10th & 12th Ave. knew they would be residing in a commercial area. I only wish that Joe Franco would also buy & build on the old fruit market site. An eyesore? It's a dump!!!