Monday, January 9, 2012

GOP members charge extortion

From the NY Post:

City Councilman Eric Ulrich is demanding an investigation into claims that Queens GOP leaders milked candidates “for financial gain.”

His call comes amid mounting criticism of the county party from prominent Republicans, including former Rep. Rick Lazio, Rep. Bob Turner and ex-Councilman and party honcho Thomas Ognibene.

“The District Attorney’s Office or the US Attorney’s Office should look into these issues because they’re deeply troubling,” Ulrich said. “These con artists have been playing this game for far too long.”

Several Queens Republican sources said it’s commonly known that if candidates want the party’s nomination, they’ll have to pay — whether it’s in the form of hefty contributions to the party or fees to the party’s consultants.

One high-ranking Republican familiar with the allegations against the Queens GOP leadership said Ragusa is a “decent guy” but has surrounded himself with “operatives who make a living off this.”

Congressman Turner said he was dismayed when the Queens leadership delayed his nomination last year for the special vote arising from the Anthony Weiner sext scandal.

“They were hesitant, and it cost us two weeks of campaigning for what every other political professional thought was a no-brainer,” he said. “Their reasons for doing it were suspect.”

Turner said he was approached by Jay Golub, a consultant for Queens political candidates.

“I think his play was that I could clear up the nomination process by using him,” Turner recalled. “The conversation didn’t last long . . . I didn’t like where it was going.”

Golub said he was “just trying to help Bob.”

“I was never hired by the Turner campaign,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Get a look at the soup-strainer on shorty.

I've often wondered what level of ego, and bad taste it takes for a guy to put up with hair on his face.

As to the topic at-hand, republicans are businessmen -elections are nothing special here.

In fact elections are really just an inconvenient, but necessary step in getting power for the rich and privileged.

Lies, slander and scare tactics are main currency here, but you might as well make a few bucks while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a chapter from tabones ass toria days

Anonymous said...

Ognibene is a sore loser - he's said so himself. I guess when he was Executive Director of the party, this kind of thing was OK, but now that he's on the outs, he's Mr. Morality? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Although this an all too common issue most anywhere in a big market, the novice candidate is turned off by the process and may never run because of this perceived or real issue.

So in essence you have folks who do run that engage in this process and run their show in office on the same expectations. Politics is tit for tat and it starts at the local club house.

Anonymous said...

The real question here is how anyone can take any "news" story in the NY Post seriously. The Post's "news" coverage contains distortions and misrepresentations almost on a daily basis. The only reason the Post reported this story at all is probably to further the Post's own agenda--they most likely don't like the Queens GOP chairman and want to see him replaced with someone else.

Anonymous said...

POWER, with a five democrat to one repub/conservative registration in Queens, is UNATTAINABLE.

yet the class warfare proponents never fail to make their sick comments.

CHECKS AND BALANCE governing is for all the citizens protection from gangster government.

Anonymous said...

OK, anon 5, are you saying the questions the story raises aren't real? Or not worth asking?

Yeah, that's the best attitude when it comes to potential corruption.

Maybe it's just that bitching is what you do.

You think the Times doesn't spin stories?

Anonymous said...

"You think the Times doesn't spin stories?"

All newspapers have a certain bias--this is evident in their editorial and op-ed pages. The problem comes when this bias spills over into the news articles. With the NY Post, the editorial bias definitely affects its "news" articles. This is evident from the many disortions and misrepresentations that appear in the Post's "news" articles almost on a daily basis. The Times keeps its editorial bias out of its news coverage. This is why the Times has a reputation as one of the best newspapers in the world and the Post has a reputation as a tabloid rag.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

Unfortunately, this is about Repub/Con leadership acting like gangsters. Do you think they care who gets elected as long as they get theirs?

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why are Colonel Sanders and Mr Monopoly living in Queens? Not surprising they would both be Republicans.

Seriously, someone needs to look into corruption on both sides, Robert Hornak & Stephen Graves should be frog-marched in Whitestone while in Southern Queens everyone knows that Bart Haggerty was likely a party to the extortion of Mayor Moneybags by his brother.

Not even going into the whole twinkletoes vibe I get whenever I see Bart and Eric Ulrich together.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times does not keep it editorial bias out of its news stories. They are writing story after story pushing Quinn for mayor. And took out Liu from the mayor's race with their investigation of his corrupt campaign account.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 10 -

What's wrong with the Times taking Liu "out Liu from the mayor's race with their investigation of his corrupt campaign account"?

Should they have ignored the story?

Sam said...

It sounds like they're setting up Ragusa to take the fall.

He was warned. He should not have put his trust in his so-called inner circle. They hold no loyalty to anyone.

I predict that some of Phil's "operatives" will throw poor Phil under the bus in order to preserve their titles they currently hold in the executive committee; I expect some power sharing to inevitably occur -
Either Ognibene or Bart Haggerty would assume the role of chairman - while the others will get to keep their official positions in exchange for having thrown their support behind the Haggerty forces.

I mean - you now have 1 Rep elected councilman and 1 Rep congressman representing southeast queens. Northeast queens has only 1 elected rep official- Halloran (if you don't count Pete Koo who, by the way, is a RINO).

Unfortunately, Bart and Haggerty possess the numerical advantage in elected officials right now...

Anonymous said...

RE: the John Liu bundler scandal....

while the, American of chinese ethnicity, FBI agent was still undercover, the NYTIMES exposed the probe. thus alerting the Liu bundlers and players before more evidence could be gathered for a solid conviction in federal court.

look for a slap on the wrist and a possible canceling of his run for Mayor of N.Y.C.

none of the 22 convicted bundlers during W.J.Clinton's CHINAGATE in 1992 went to jail.94 foreign witnesses fled the country.

Adam said...

It's funny to hear anyone from south queens alleging anything against anyone.

You must be kidding.

#28th A.D House Keeping fund. A felon is still the treasurer.

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

Anon No. 14:

Did it again, Gramps!!!

Anonymous said...

It's always funny to see Queens Republicans behave as if they have any political power. From this article it seems, their power is limited to obtaining (or attempting to obtain) corrupt cash from anyone who comes in contact with them.

Anonymous said...

It's time the American public started ignoring the Party candidates and began taking responsibility for who they elect. Write in, Write in, Write in. How many Democrats and Republicans have been thrown in jail, are in jail, and are waiting to be thrown in jail. It's organized crime at it's peak! Change starts with you.

Anonymous said...

If this has been going on why was it ever put up with. Those who knew and yet paid they're way into a republican endorsement are just as guilty. At the very least week fools.

Anonymous said...

Write in write in write in is correct

That's why I'll be writing in Al Centola next election. For either council or senate or maybe both.

You should do the same, if not for Al for whichever candidate you want. Just make sure you write the name in and not vote under any party line.

Anonymous said...

unorganized,impotent, write-in votes at this time ,only will get the machine union progressives nyc . . the dictatorship is well organized and financed by public union dues and election workers. eg. S.E.I.U.,U.F.T.,C.W.A.,P.B.A.,D.O.S.,etc. and left wing community groups financed by Billionaire global puppeteers.

now that Ed.Koch has gotten a g.o.p. congressman elected in a Bklyn/ Queens liberal dem. district, and his message to Obama has been digested, he now on AM radio stated that he will vote for socialist Obama for president in 2012. WHY?

to hell, that the U.S .has a $15.2 Trillion debt,13.5 million unemployed, 49 million Americans on food stamps,Iran building a launching base in Venezuela ,no oil pipeline (KEYSTONE) from Canada to Texas refineries.

Anonymous said...

Vote for whichever candidate you want if not an "unorganized" candidate like Al, then someone on the ticket. Just don't vote on the ticket, write his ir her name in.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 21 - It's called Democracy, Gramps, no matter how much you rave.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 21 - It's called Democracy, Gramps, and I hate it. WE use your system against you to steal,..uh..redestribute wealth to insure OUR powerbase and stir up fights between differint groups so you dummys don't realise what we're up to. We marxists hate you're Democracy and are working night and day to destroy it, no matter how much you rave and you make me so hot when you do ;)
Call me, gramps.

Anon No. 23 said...

Anon No. 24:

Nice try; lousy satire. Learn how to spell and use proper English. While you're at it, learn what this nation actually stands for.

"Anonymous Leftie" said...

Anon No. 24 -

I don't believe in redistribution of wealth. Another fantasy dictated to you by Fox "News."

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone, even the NY Post, pay any attention to Tom Ognibene?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you think of Turner's politics, it is nice to have a politician who clearly was not going to play this game.

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

Very true!!!

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but those two characters look suspiciously like muppets. Or is it just me?