Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad luck for Bay Ridge properties

It was nauseating to read on Brownstoner about a bunch of beautiful old homes in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, that were bought up by one person and then neglected and now sitting in foreclosure. They will probably be snatched up by a developer and replaced with shitboxes.


Anonymous said...

We're back to Brooklyn again, hey Crappy. Why not just stick to the crap in Queens? Brooklyn's another world from our crap!

Snake Plissskin said...

Naw, its instructive cause the default value in Queens is turning our back to the real world and inward - towards each other.

We need to see stuff like this in other boroughs to get a breath of fresh air in the Hermit Borough.

In Manhattan the local pol would be supporting the community, in Queens, instead of individual buildings like in Brooklyn, you get entire communities wiped off the map.