Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ad ties Quinn to demise of hospital

From The Politicker:

Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon has taken out a provocative new advertisement in a local newspaper in Christine Quinn’s home district that accuses the City Council speaker of letting St. Vincent’s Hospital close in order to reap real estate donations.

The ad leads in bold type with the words, DID CHRISTINE QUINN BET YOUR LIFE TO BECOME MAYOR and shows her kissing real estate developer Bill Rudin at an unidentified event.

Rudin Management has made a bid to redevelop the former hospital as a housing and retail space with a medical facility. Some community members have pushed for the hospital to be re-opened and fully operational, but the economics of that plan do not appear to be feasible either to Mr. Rudin or to city officials.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, always an amazement to the good burghers of Queens when one misbehaves in front of a politican - indeed there are some quarters where things can be accomplished and ideas expressed that do not need a politicians blessing to be legit or good.

Of course, if someone tries this in Queens, and tries to get some allies, everyone would run to the favorite hack and ask for ice cream money to buy their silence and get an advantage.

And they will go home happy and rewarded.

With a pittance.