Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Flushing members of MS-13 busted

From the Daily News:

Ten members of the infamous MS-13 gang from Flushing were indicted Thursday on racketeering charges, including violent machete and baseball attacks against rivals, authorities said.

Federal agents and NYPD detectives arrested eight of the thugs in early morning raids while two others were already incarcerated.

The defendants were members of a powerful clique of Mara Salvatrucha 13 wreaking havoc in their Queens neighborhood since 2007, authorities said.

Christian Merino, a reputed leader of the clique, was secretly intercepted on a wiretap discussing a September 2010 stabbing and baseball bat beating with an associate.

A machete was seized from gang member Abraham Iraheta, who is charged with using the large knife in a 2009 attack.

Carlos Hernandez is charged with volunteering to be the triggerman in a revenge shooting against a rival who slashed the face of MS-13 member Kevin Cardona.

The indictment also charges the Queens-based faction with raising money to finance the gang’s activities in El Salvador and with plotting to smuggle MS-13 members from the Texas border to Virginia.


Anonymous said...


When I first PUBLICLY asked two 109th PCT officers...who were attending an east Flushing civic association meeting (3 or 4 years ago)...if MS-13 was a problem in of them replied, "NO"...but said that other gangs were present.

This was despite the fact that I had seen their gang graffiti running from Crocheron Ave. & 165th Street...west down Roosevelt Avenue...all the way to appearing in a diner's rest room on College Point B'lvd. AND TOLD them about it!

Wow...3 to 4 years apprehending these thugs!

That was "fast" work for the cops.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, probably the 109th was too busy protecting some local Asian whore houses.

2 of their "finest" were arrested for
just that.

Anonymous said...

Quotes from the Daily News article:
“The only people who should be wielding baseball bats in Flushing are Mets, not MS-13,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly."

Also quoted: Brooklyn US Attorney Loretta Lynch, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Ali Kazemi.

But where was Queens' DA Brown?

Anonymous said...

There's a hardware store on 162nd Street (aproaching Flushing Cemetery) that used to (maybe still does) displays machetes in their window.

How convenient...
right in the heart of MS-13 territory.

Yo, amigo...
and the 109th knew nothing!

I'm gonna go out and grab myself a nice cold cerveza and a blade.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that he Flushing BID
kept a lid on all this.

It's bad for the real estate market.

Do you think any Chinese investors would want to put their money into a dangerous nabe?

Anonymous said...

LOL...where's Queens DA Brown?

He's so short that he needs a step stool to see past his own ego!

Tell me does the midget manage to hoist himself up on the bowl to take a dump?

Does his legal aide help him?

Oh...he's got a kiddie potty in his office.

Anonymous said...

more savages from backwards lands.

How can we even consider these creatures human?

Seal the boarders!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are all over East Elmhurst and Corona.
Send n the troops!

Anonymous said...

There are no troops left.........

georgetheatheist said...

"There are no troops left........"

See? What do I keep telling you:

Joe said...

These criminals come here because the laws stink just like California.

NY law is not on the side of the good guy --remember that. The skell or illegal alien or otherwise that just broke into your home, robbed you in your hallway is going to have more rights than you.

Remember the granny who shot a mugger with a legal gun two years ago? She was in a wheelchair, was mugged, had a permit for the gun and shot this asshole. Guess what? The jury aquitted this guy, not on a technicality and now this skel has a team of lawyers that came out of the woodwork to sue this women for everything she has.
Wanna bet he wins?

That Granny would have been protected under a real Castle Doctrine however law All these NY Governor's and liberal lawmakers living in millionaires gated community's have REFUSED so impose a true version of it it since 1966. Now we are stuck with another Cuomo and F_ed for perhaps another 15 years like his father


Anonymous said...

The 109th is too busy checking Safety and Registration certificats or setting up Gestapo road blocks to check to make sure your seat belt is fastened so you don't hurt yourself!

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing I feel really bad....I knew one of these kids...its not the ppl its. The gang...let's remember they get u to join wen ur young nd then they brain wash you...