Saturday, September 10, 2011

SI residents upset about sliver home

From SI Live:

You need to see this yourself to believe that a narrow, long, vacant lot at the southwest corner of Decker and Orange avenues could be developed.

Nearby homeowners, the local civic association, and Community Board 1 all stand adamantly opposed to construction of a two-story residence on the site, which has a minuscule frontage of 17.21 feet on Decker Avenue, and a lengthy 163.96 feet on Orange Avenue.

The owners of the property want to go forward with residential construction on the site, and – to do so – the city's Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) must approve a series of zoning variances.

If BSA grants the variances, "this would make a travesty of the new Staten Island zoning regulations, which supposedly no longer permit homes to be built with back yards of no less than 30 feet," Eileen Martin, recording secretary of the Decker Avenue Civic Association, wrote recently to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"This case involves a plot of land, 17-feet wide at the utmost, decreasing to 11 feet, with a length of 163 feet," she explained in her statement to the mayor. "Members of my group, and homeowners, have spoken at all of the hearings before the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals (regarding this case)," she added.

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Anonymous said...

Developers: What's happening? Its CB1 - you told us they like developers.

Lawyer: Nitwits, I told you QUEENS! You can't do this shit on S I.

Developers: Make a campaign donation. Make a contribution to the library. Do somethin.'

Lawyer: Naw, there's real civics out there. They ain't stupid.