Saturday, September 10, 2011

Liu rehires North Korea nut

From the NY Post:

The Korean War is being fought again -- this time, in the city Comptroller’s Office.

Comptroller John Liu has hired back former top aide John Choe, who had resigned amid controversy over his alleged support of North Korea.

Choe, a Korean-American, had been chief-of-staff for Liu when Liu was a City Council member.

Choe quit to run for the council himself in 2009, but continued to work on old boss’ campaign for comptroller. He left the Liu campaign after reports emerged that in 2006, he had told a conference on the “Global Struggle for Socialism” that North Korea “is at the front line of the liberation struggles against imperialism.”

At the time, Liu denied Choe made the comments, saying his aide was the victim of “McCarthyism.”

But Choe admitted to The Post, “I may have said something like that.”

Still, four days after taking over as comptroller in 2010, Liu hired Choe -- who lost his council bid -- for the $105,000-a-year job of director of policy and research.


Anonymous said...

Another do nothing job;your tax monet down the drain.....

firstman said...

Dear Queenscrap, I love the title of this post. You are awesome and John Choe is a tool. Keep up the good work.

-Your fb friend

Anonymous said...

someone should be looking into why do Koreans have so much power in Queens real estate to the point where Koreans work at the DCHR on Union Hall Street.
all to keep down tenants and keep the Korean landlords in power.

Deke DaSilva said...

he had told a conference on the “Global Struggle for Socialism” that North Korea “is at the front line of the liberation struggles against imperialism.”

Which perfectly explains why Comrade John Choe is living in New York right now, rather than Pyongyang, where the front line is!

Typical champagne socialist!

Anonymous said...

37,000 American military died defending freedom loving South Koreans from the invading North Korean Communists in 1950-53.

and the result in 2010, is that a liberal comptroller, John Liu, positions a communist loving traitor in our Comptrollers Office.


is the nyc anti-communist Korean population protesting,or is the media,liberal complex suppressing their voices ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For Choe's full talk, as recorded by the "Workers World," click here:

Anonymous said...

Why are we surprised at this? NYC Comptroller and pathelogical liar, Johnny Liu, gets campaign money from Communist China.

Shady Ties - John Liu and the Chinese Communist Party

Anonymous said...

was norman hsu, the chinese embezzler and democrat campaign fund"BUNDLER", linked to the chinese communist party ?

he donated $5000. to John Liu.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Choe co-chair of the Mitchell Linden Civic Association sharing it with Arlene Fleischman who is a member of CB#7?

Anonymous said...

How ironic!

John Liu (Chi-Comm) funded and John Choe (Kor-Comm) funded commune in blissful connubial Communism together in comptrolling and controlling NYC's future.

"Here's Johnnies"....
a "Shining" moment in NYC politics!

And who's sitting in the "Overlook Hotel" in D.C. backing up both of these shady Johns?

Congressman Gary Ackerman!

And Gary's being well paid for it by his Asian benefactors along with some Israeli businessmen throwing their share of laundered cash his way.

Nice life....
I'm going to run for Congress.

Even if I last just one term, I'll retire on full pay with benefits for the rest of my life.

I think our Great Revolution has failed us.

We live in a political oligarchy not a republic!

Could it be time for a re-do?

Anonymous said...

South Korean Youtube users were banned from making comments this week, because a new law in South Korea says they must register their national ID number before any comment. This in a land where the US military moved in in the 1950s, and after massacring civilians at No Gun Ri and elsewhere, stayed their, authorizing martial law in Gwangju after the massacre there in 1980, while its troops prowl the streets raping women, which you can read about in the newspapers (South Korean ones anyhow).

As the US goes broke, the Queens Crap Archie Bunker crowd goes wild that a Korean would say anything about the foreign army in his homeland. Even though his country is controlled by US imperialists, he is still a foreigner.

It reminds me why those events of ten years and one day ago were so necessary. The only thing American imperialists in their hateful hubris understand is force. It got the old US ally Bin Laden's goal realized - the US out of Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...


We've still got a treaty (since WW II) in effect with the Saudi family's Arabia to guarantee us our share of black gold....OIL.

All the rest is for show.

Anonymous said...

Liu Choe Gai Pan.
I'll try ordering it next time with my egg roll and kim chee.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it figure John Choe is behing congestion pricing?