Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mapping out the numbers has released an interactive Crime & Safety Report ranking the safety of every neighborhood in the five boroughs. This unprecedented analysis of data from the NYPD and U.S. Census Bureau reveals startling results, including an increase in murder, rape, and robbery rates for the first time in decades.

Queens for example, thought to be one of the safer boroughs in NYC, boasts the highest number of auto thefts for all of New York City. Murders in Queens increased 22% from 2009 to 2010.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you have to pay 3.99 to see crime statistics you almost invariably know.

Captain Renault said...

This is good for the public to know where the problem areas are.

But their "lying eyes" already tell them where not to go!

But it's a good tool for those of us in law enforcement - simply look at the computer screen, drive the paddy wagon to a high risk neighborhood, and......


Anonymous said...

The days of Giuliani are gone for sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Queens has been known for its high rate of car thefts since the Sixties. I grew up here in the Flushing/Bayside area and my brother had his car stolen from our driveway, my sister had her car stolen from in front of the house, and there was an unsuccessful attempt to steal my Mustang from Shea Stadium. The column was stripped but for some reason they couldn't start it -- they took everything in the car though. Since the car was disabled and I was starting a new job I couldn't deal with it until the next weekend, by which time they had stolen the actual door (and Mustang doors are pretty large). Although I was using it as a commuter lot, it was during the playing season and there were games during the week it happened. The police inside Shea Stadium told me they didn't really have much to do with the lot other than to issue police reports for stolen cars for insurance purposes. Kinney, who charged a fair amount for the privilege of parking in their lot was indifferent.

The very nice sound system was stolen from my Mitsubishi in the 3 days a was waiting to the alarm/shutoff to be installed and they subsequently bent the steering column trying to remove the secondary lock I had installed in addition to Viper alarm system and also screwed up the ignition. I can't count the number of times they stole my headlights. There were mornings when the headlights of most of the cars on the block would be gone. I finally told the guy that I was was buying replacements from (opposite Shea Stadium, I hope I wasn't buying back my own lights, Mitsubishi charged way too much) to glue them in, and he did, but he told me that might make the thieves mad and they would break them or steal my hubcaps instead (and, for the first time my hubcaps were stolen)!

My brother had a friend that used to buy really nice sports cars, and put on the guy hubcaps and all of that and he had at least 4 cars stolen from his driveway (he lived close to Francis Lewis and the Clearview)

I was once almost fighting with the people who were trying to steal a fairly new Honda across the street from me (I was fixing a sideview mirror). I called the police, I came out every time the van tried to sidle up to the car, my neighbor came out on the other side of the street, and I put a huge sign on the car saying I had called the police and they were on their way and the neighbors were watching them, but they persisted anyway! This was about 6 p.m. on a Friday in October several years ago. I didn't know who owned the car, and I had to leave, so I don't know if they got it or not (they seemed to know the police would be slow to show up).

The police told me the car thieves drove around the neighborhood recording all the cars and created "order books" on which they took orders. Our Civic (probably all the local civics) periodically ran VIN etching days, and I forget the name of the one where you put a sticker in your window agreeing the police could stop your car without probable cause if it was being driven in the early morning. Car thefts did not not go away during most of the Giuliani years, although it did seem to lessen somewhat during the tail end of Giuliani and early Bloomberg years, they seem to be roaring back of late (probably the economy).

But Northern Queens, with its quiet neighborhoods, abundant surrounding parkways (and chop shops, although I understand that many of high end cars were shipped out of the country) and fairly nice car collection, has been targeted by car thieves for over forty years . . . .

Anonymous said...

Queens ALWAYS had the highest car insurance rates in the city because the borough always had the highest car theft statistics for as long as I can remember.

Queens used to have tons of chop shops, not so much anymore, but The Bronx always had more and still do. The Triborough Bridge is the catalyst. Steal a nice car in white, middle class Queens and in 5 minutes, your in The Bronx, taking it apart.

Police have known this since the 60's.


The rich transplants are attracting their own crime!