Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trapped on Clemente Court

From the Forum South:

Halfway down 82nd Street between Atlantic Avenue and 91st Avenue in Woodhaven there is a narrow roadway between two houses that a passerby may mistake as a driveway. Except this small road doesn’t lead to a garage; rather it travels between two houses into an expansive lot with three homes. Welcome to Clemente Court.

“It’s a nice [place] to live,” resident Ahmed Bhuiyan said. “No problems at all, except,” he trails off. There is a laundry list of items that makes living on Clemente Court difficult.

In 2009, Bhuiyan’s son fell and hurt his leg. Emergency operators did not recognize the address of the house, and Bhuiyan had to give a house number on 82nd Street and carry his son there.

Sanitation workers don’t enter Clemente Court, so residents have to haul their garbage to 82nd Street.

There are no workers to plow the area, and the court doesn’t have a fire hydrant.

These problems occur because Clemente Court is an unmapped street—not owned by the city. City workers don’t enter these private streets to maintain the area, but they also can’t enforce any traffic rules so parking is never an issue.

When cars park too close to the driveway leading to Clemente Court, it makes making the turn off or onto narrow 82nd Street “impossible” Bhuiyan said. He said there have been times when he has walked or taken a cab because he could not take his car out of Clemente Court.

“I’m trapped. No way to get out of this,” Bhuiyan said. “I should be able to take my car in and out anytime.”

Bhuiyan contacted Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office, and staff member Arlene Brown has been working with various city agencies to mitigate the problems.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like a fire truck could get back there. How is that legal?

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when a bunch of assholes sell their backyards to make a new "street" and another sells their driveway to make a right of way for the new development.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Dear Quuens Crappers: I am having a protest:May 11. Lunch time protest 12:30 – 1:00 275 Madison Ave. The older cop – Rape Cop Moreno’s very high priced lawyers office join me for a protest for these supposedly educated men asking in court if women’s private parts snap shut like a Venus Fly Trap! The Gyno MD expert they hired to refute forensic findings handed over baby Lisa with no paper work to Joel Steinberg who beat Lisa to death at age 6. Join us to say stop the violence stop the rapes including in court. Even more women will not come forward and rapes are up.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

We will also remember Yu Yao 28 years old was randomly grabbed by her hair, pulled in to an alley where was raped and beaten to death by a monster with a pipe in Queens.

Project Woodhaven said...

Last year, I was handed a 1997 videotaped interview with a Woodhaven resident -- the interview was performed by the Woodhaven Historical Society.

During that interview, the subject was asked if, when he was growing up, there were any remnants of the old Union Course Racetrack. He began by talking about Clemente Court -- but one of the interviewers cut him off and asked another question and they never came back to that point. And we never heard what, if anything, Clemente Court had to do with the old racetrack.

Anonymous said...

Hey PW, was the pseron who asked the question named Suzannah Troy? Because she has a hard time staying on point.

Anonymous said...

Suzannah is fine.

Its City Council that is the problem - along with their cohorts in Albany.

Funny, they pushed a mayor who shits all over their constituents.

And they get elected with 80% of the vote as a thank you.

Naw, Suzannah is a model of clarity in that world.

Anonymous said...

I thought such narrow alleys only existed in Old World cities, not the grid-covered city we live in.

Anonymous said...

Theres two streets like this is in Little Neck right off Northern that have been featured on Forgotten NY

Anonymous said...

Theres two streets like this is in Little Neck right off Northern that have been featured on Forgotten NY

The difference between those streets and Clemente Court is that there's a history behind them that can be traced back to when Queens was settled. The only thing Clemente Court can trace its history back to is developmental greed.

Auntie Invasion said...

Suzannah, can you post the information about the rally on the QC website?

for example, who is organizing this, is there a way to contact them?

it's really important that the DA sees there is public support for the survivor.

My feeling is that they have done this before, this is the time they got caught.

I can't make it, but will be happy to do my best to get the word out.

Every time a survivor breaks the silence, they make the world a safer place.