Thursday, May 12, 2011

Puppy injured by LIRR contractor

On May 10th, 2011 at around 2pm my puppy who's 9 months old got out of my house by accident and ran out to play with a hose being used by guys who were working on the LIRR railroad wall.

My mother ran right behind the dog and one of the workers was going to try and help my mother grab the dog who in no way was trying to attack anyone and one of the other workers blasted the dog in the face with a pressure water hose they are using to cut and clean concrete. My dog received multiple lacerations on his face and his eye was cut open.

I called the NYPD precinct 110 and they sent unit 3022. When they arrived I expected them to at least make a report. They arrived on the scene and didn't even bother getting out of their car.

They asked me to come over and I explained the situation to them and they said, "We are not going to do a report on this. Best you can do is sue them (the contracting company)." One of the officers even said, "If it was me, I woulda shot the dog." Why would you shoot an animal who wasn't trying to attack anyone and was just playing with a hose? Would he shoot me too if I was on the street playing with a hose?

I called for help and a report so I could have some proof if I did have to go to court. I was outraged that they couldn't care less about the situation. Shortly after they just left without saying a word.

I took pictures of their car as proof that they did nothing to help me. Attached are pictures of the scene. It's like why even have a police department if they refuse to help us when we need help? - Edwin


Anonymous said...

The Police should have initiated a report, recording a complaint and the incident so that dog's owner can proceed with a civil action.

Anonymous said...

Now if you wanted to put up a 14 story building on a block of 3 story houses, all of your elected officials would have set up meetings with you.

If you were the leader of some group of potential tweeds, you could have had your choice of the front page of any newspaper wit your beaming buddies from a Queens based institution (school, college, cultural.)

If you are not one of these two groups, you are invisible. Just ask any community like Willets Point or Dutch Kills are are on the chopping block.

A puppy? Getouttahere!

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate, but with a breed like that type of dog people are going to make assumptions.
We already know the NYPD are lazy, unsupportive gestapo the 110th being the worst.

Anonymous said...


No matter that your dog supposedly ran out, it was out without a leash and you're lucky you didn't get a summons for that.

Anonymous said...

The 110 does not respond to anything and I never see them patrol 80th St - they are busiest in Roosevelt Ave - we on 80th St don't exist.

If anything in this case would suggest, the incompetent officers should have created a report and called the ASPCA police to the scene. Obviously this dog was deliberately hurt by a individual knowing his actions of his machinery could do great harm. The ASPCA police specializes with animal cruelty and crimes.

This could be your pet any pet!

Anonymous said...

It heart breaking to see a poor animal hurt like this...and its even sadder to see NYPD giving the communities they are suppose to serve more and more reason to hate them. Many people in my neighborhood have no faith in the NYPD for many reason this is just one more example of their incompetence. Thanks 110 for all your help

Anthony said...

I caught a guy trying to break into my house, and when I called the precinct, they told me to call 911. I told them he was gone, there was no emergency. I thought they'd want to do a report or at least gather information about what's going on in their precinct. They couldn't be bothered. I called 911, and they did a roll-by, then left, since there wasn't an emergency.

They can't be bothered to fill out a report on breaking and entering, so the puppy thing doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I want that worker fired! The 110th pct. is just like the 104th pct., a bunch of lesbians. That workers pic should be plastered on all polls in that area so the home owners can give them hell.. How can someone be so abusive to a dog is beyond me.

Frank said...

I hope your dog heals up soon. You might have already done this but I'd post your story to review sites online like and such. It might not make much a difference but someone researching waterproofing business' might see it and choose a company who doesn't abuse animals.

I can't believe how lazy cops are. I've had similar things happen to me with the 112th. It's infuriating.

Steve said...

Poor doggy. It's horrible that someone assaulted your pup and that not a single person or the police came to your aid.

Despite all this, and any lingering effects of the wounds, I hope your dog is all right.

OfTroy said...

1-the dog was out of the house, unleashed

2-the dog ran to across the street (could have caused a car accident)

3--the dog ran towards a person (with the hose)

I i were that person, i would have no way of knowing if the dog was setting out to play, or setting out to bite me,

the man defended himself.

(and you want HIM to be responsible for item 1--the dog was out of the house, and out of your control (since i can only guess you tried calling the dog) and you think you (and your uncontrolled amimal) are the one who were wronged?

NO don't tell me he was friendly, do say "only a puppy" (at 9months he is near full grown, and only vet or the owner could have any idea of this age)

WRONG, wrong, wrong! you were wrong.

Auntie Pasta said...

you forgot to mention your puppy is a huge pitbull. only saw that from the photograph. It's not reassuring to me when people have their large dogs, like pitbulls or rottweilers off the leash and say, he's friendly, when the dog is charging me & about to put it's paws on my shoulders.
I'm sorry your dog was injured. you are lucky it wasn't hit by a vehicle when it ran out of the house. it seems like you are in the habit of opening your door and letting a pitbull run out off the leash.

Anonymous said...

They have a couple of great reviews up on yelp.

Queens Crapper said...

The puppy was playing with a hose. He was not "running toward" anyone or snapping at anyone when he was blasted in the face.

Anonymous said...

the dog could have punctured the hose and ruined it. the worker had a right to protect his company's property.
the dog was not under the owner's control, it needed to be subdued.

Queens Crapper said...

Protecting company property is not a plausible defense for harming an animal.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the police could have filled out a complaint report for an incident like this. It doesn't seem to fit the critera for their UF61 (complaint) report. This DOES sound like a civil matter, and something to be reported to the ASPCA.
Just because the police department seems to be the only city agency to ever respond to incidents (not always, but more often than others), it doesn't mean that they are always the proper agency to notify.
Bottom line, don't always expect the police to come and solve your problems for you.

Anonymous said...

The police department is just about done dying a slow and painful death. In about three or four years, all the experienced cops will be gone for good, and the city will be left with these know-nothing IMPACT cops, who only know how to summons Mexicans on Roosevelt drinking and pissing. Aside from a very few grizzled and burnt out veterens, this is all you are seeing on patrol these days, both cops yucking it up on their cellphones in their sector car, oblivious to what is going on around them. The city is getting the police department it asked for.

Queens Crapper said...

Why didn't the police notify the ASPCA or direct the complainant to do so? In fact, Edwin notified me that he called 911 in addition to the 110 Pct directly, so why wasn't his call routed to ASPCA?

Anonymous said...

Your dog may be a "puppy" but its a big dog. You can't just let it run out towards people. If it was not playful and got its teeth into one of those men then what? As the dogs owner your responsible for keeping it on a leash.

Anonymous said...

This was not a hose, it was a power washer. A power washer only blasts water out when the trigger is pulled. This means that this PITBULLl ran towards the man who was using the power washer. All this man did was turn towards the charging PITBULL to keep the dog back. A power washer wand is only 4 feet long. that means this charging PITBULL got within 4 feet of this worker. Also, PITBULLs don't "play" with hoses, they bark and try to bite the water that is coming out of the end. This worker did nothing wrong even if the dog died from it injuries. The entire fault here lies with the owner who did not properly secure his PITBULL!! As for the COPS, sure they should have written a report. However, a report would have just enabled this retard dog owner to continue to try to falsely sue the contractor. I'm glad they didn't help out the dog owner. I have nothing against dogs or even owning Pitbulls, but if one charges me, I would have done the same thing. I love how the dog owner was so quick with his camera, and never mentioned it was a PITBULL. This guy is an all around doucshebag.
So Crappy, you are very wrong here.
1. This was not a puppy, it was a medium sized and well built PITBULL.
2. The dog WAS running towards someone!!!. He was running towards the tip of the power washer, which was in the hands of a person who at that moment was scared for his safety.

Queens Crapper said...

Proof that you are a douchebag:

- The animal is 9 months old. That makes it a puppy.
- Pit bulls are not inherently dangerous animals. They are raised to be that way. Your analogy is like someone saying all blacks are criminals.
- If one worker was trying to stop the dog, why would the moron with the power washer blast it in his direction? He could have injured his coworker.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that the commenter above knows what kind of dog this is based on a close up photo of its eye, knows how large it is, and knows the worker had a power washer in his hand and that the animal got within 4 feet of him.

Sounds like trolls from D-Star posting their version of events.

Anonymous said...


-The reason the original story poster used the word "Puppy", was to manipulate his readers into thinking this was a small, harmless, dog. I know a dog is classified as a puppy until it is 2 years old. Are you saying a dog can't hurt you before it turns 2 years old?
-I agree totally that they are raised that way. I never said anything to the contrary. My issue here is that the man holding the power washer does not know how this dog was raised. All he knew is that a dog that was large enough to injure him was loose and charging him. Also, I don't know what fantasy world you live in, but if a PITBULL was running at me, I would be scared. If a Yorkie was running at me, I wouldn't be.
-I have owned many power washers.
1. A power washer wand is only 4 feet long.
2. That razor thin line on the dogs face could have only been made if the dog was within inches of the power washer nozzle. Even at a foot away from the nozzle, the spray pattern out of the nozzle would have been too wide to cause that thin line.
A power washer is not like a gun, at 2 feet away, it is harmless. This means the dog’s mouth was right at the tip of the power washer, which is in the hands of the worker. So this worker did not spray this dog for fun, this dog was within 4 feet of this man, and he did it as a last resort.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. If he did it at last resort, then what did he try to do before this?

Anonymous said...


The type of dog it is doesn’t matter. By the picture you can tell that this dog is large enough to harm a person. By this picture you can tell that it wasn’t a garden hose that made that thin line on the dogs face. I am a Queens homeowner who owns power washers, so I know how long they are. It is a shame that have no experience with a power washer, so you don't understand this.
Also, this is the only Blog i visit; I have no idea what a D-Star is...

Robyn said...

I swear all these people blaming you are ignorant as shit...this dog is one of the most friendliest dogs I know o and yes 9 months....still a puppy people needa realize that a dog can be fully grown and still have the tendencies of a puppy -_- cuz don't realize their dogs run out my yard sometimes wen the door isn't closed fast enough....sorry I'm not retarded and keep them leashed up when its not neccessary at all...POINT IS the dog was abused and the ones who did it got nothing to worry about that's horrible

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the reaction and attitude displayed by the guy who hosed the dog. What did he say afterward. Did he feel threatened? Was he apologetic? Dismissive? The person who hosed the dog could have been defending himself or could have been malicious for no reason at all. We have no way of knowing without his version of the events, or at least an accurate account of his version.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the worker or the dog owner was right, it only matters that the cops didn't take the report.

Anonymous said...

these people accusing the dog of being aggresive or actually charging the workers are retarded if that was the case and the dog would have been at fault why in god's name would the dog's owner be seeking help or justice by actually putting the story out there. If he was actually thinking of sueing this company why would he possible waste his time putting this story up when he can take it to court. You people make no sense this blog is great for people who need a voice in our community when we as citizens feel we have been wronged. It doesn't matter if the dogs 11yrs, 1 yrs, 3 months or a horse, an animal should not be attack of abused if he isn't posing any type of treat. My neighbors dogs get out all the time, accidents happen but that doesn't give anyone an excuse to attack it. The some of these retarded people should stop with the what if's and base it on the facts

Charlie said...

The dog and the owner are good friends of mine i've met played and babysat the dog on many occacion and pitbull or not he's one of the most playful sweet dogs you could meet. I have 2 cats and he plays with them off leash never once has he attacked them. For people to say he was charging the workers is ridiculous. He loves to play with water and hose and chews on my house hose all the time and no once has he punched a hole through it. So thats bs, he also told me the company only wanted to cover a lil more than half the vet bill. Why?! why not the whole thing, come on people that's the least you can do im putting D-Star Waterproofers Inc. on BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

That dog looks like a big Pit Bull. If that dog or any dog ran up to me while I was pushing a baby carriage, I would hit it too. I love dogs but that dog needs to be on a leash. The owner should not sue because the judge will ask if the dog was on a leash. Since it wasn't, the plaintiff will lose. Another frivolous lawsuit.

Anonymous said... is messing up your blog crappy. maybe time to find a better blog host?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the reaction of the guy who hosed the dog was after the incident. Was he apologetic? Dismissive? He could have felt threatened, or he could have been sadistic and cruel for no reason. We really have no way to know which it was, but an account of the contractors attitude would be helpful, but was conveniently omitted from the story.

Joe said...

That's not a pup but a large Mastiff, PresaCancero or Pitbull breed.
Friend of mine Diane from Manhasset was killed by 2 of these "sweet dogs" some years ago it made headlines. They bit her head off to the spinal collum with one bite. I got the whole scoop on these animals from her brother.
These animals are technically not even dog breeds..NOT DOGS !!.
They were "developed" to protect sheep and cattle on the unpopulated Shetland and Canary Islands.

Sweet dogs with family and people they know. (Like wolves that consider members of "pack animals".
That loose animal had to be a legs length of that pressure nozzle or the LIRR workers balls (take your pick)
A police officer would have shot it, its not worth taking a chance at what an animal like this is gonna do

Bottom line accident or not:
No excuse for a "loose dog" The woman should have received a summons, the judge is gonna laugh at her.
What happens when this animal is 175+ pounds and charges through a window at a 90 pound kid retrieving a ball ?

I believe in NYC a private home owner needs to carry 1 million dollars liability insurance to even have an animal like this. That woman may be receiving a "knock knock" from animal control shortly


Anonymous said...

Poor little fido, maybe the guy with the hose, saw an animal with teeth bigger than his run up to maybe bite him ?
Maybe the animal should have been under better control.
Whom would she blame if the animal got hit by a car ?
Hopefuly the little guy is all better now and took a nice dump in owner's living room carpet.
Owner is to blame ( or whoever was watching the animal in question )

Anonymous said...

That's why I love when people sue the cops. I would sue them and the construction company. DON"T LET THIS GO! GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

report the police to nypd for refusing to take the report. they have to take it even if it isn't an arrestable offense. this is why people hate NYPD and the construction worker. did they check if the worker was legal?

Anonymous said...

NYPD's 'finest' is at it again. I was assaulted on the Queensboro bridge and they sent the police to the wrong side of the bridge, letting the attacker get away. 911 called me back unapologetic and SUPER rude.

I called 311 and filed a formal NYPD complaint. If I were you I would do the same.

Anonymous said...

110th precinct? It wasn't a traffic ticket or drunk Mexican, so what do they care? Notice the truck was from Roosevelt,LI- ghetto to the max. What do you expect?