Sunday, May 1, 2011

City didn't take out its own trash for 5 years

From the Times Ledger:

The president of a Queens Village civic association said a wooded area between the Grand Central Parkway and Stronghurst Avenue is being treated like a garbage dump — and the trash has sat there for five years.

Kathi Papa, president of the Bell Park Manor Terrace Community Council, said she was told recently that the city Parks Department, not the city Department of Transportation, is responsible for clearing the garbage. But the agency has not removed it.

“It’s been here for five years,” Papa said Friday as a reporter toured the area littered with dozens of garbage bags.

“They bagged everything, left it here,” she said, referring to the DOT workers. “The pattern is they come in with one group of guys, bag it and then a second group of guys takes it away.”

But she said it has been five years since a crew disposed of the most recent trash.

“That’s a lot of garbage to forget about,” Papa said.

The civic president said she called City Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens) about the problem last week and that he told her the Parks Department is responsible for the garbage removal.

“I’ve never seen the Parks Department over here,” Papa said.

About a month ago, Papa said, a homeless man settled in the area, ripping up some of the trash bags and living off its contents, including making a canopy for himself.


georgetheatheist said...
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Anonymous said...

We spend millions for green space and here we have something much more and the city ignores carting away the garbage??

Anonymous said...

Hey just like at Francis Lewis Park in Whitestone, Just they dont even bag any of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Queens, notice how the parks look nice in Manhattan? (oh come now, I know that some of you get there)

The difference?

If Manhattenites were treated they way you are they would riot.

How is the ice cream money you get for keeping your mouth shut and being polite all the time?

(hint: don't spend it all in one place - you should have enough left over for, oh well, a pack of gum).

Just Sayen said...

"City didn't take out its own trash for 5 years"

5 years? Speaking of trash, how long has Bloomturd been mayor?

Anonymous said...

how long has Bloomturd been mayor?

Too long!!!

Anonymous said...

testing 1,2,3,

Anonymous said...

Funny, Blumturd is the mayor of Manhattan and they don't seem to have this problem.

Why don't you ask you city councilman about this - or better yet, ask a Manhattan councilman what they do that yours don't.

Typical Queens Crap poster with an IQ of 65 said...

I blame the immigrants. said...

Me too! Hahr-hahr-hahr!

Anonymous said...

If you include that Stavisky's corruption ridden rotten stench has been permeating our city for decades!

And the "granny" Shulman trash collection is long overdue!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - Manhattan (and Park Slope) get the services while we pay the taxes... hang in there, eventually the entire northeast seaboard (including Manhattan!) will be Park Slope. In the meantime, may I point out that if the situation offends, get your tenants/civic Assocs to sponsor a clean-up day.

Anonymous said...